Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Pixies are here!!

When we got up this morning there was a surprise... the Pixies had arrived during the night.
We could tell because of the trail of Pixie dust making a path to their door and their little red tricycle was parked next to the baseboard.
I wonder what they're up to behind their door (with it's beautiful crystal knob)??
Maybe they're sleeping. That was a long trip on a tricycle!!
Maybe they're planning Advent surprises.
Can you see the trail of Pixie dust they left behind??
Gabby Cat hasn't discovered the door yet. I wonder how she'll react??
I wonder if she'll be able to hear Pixie-whispers from behind the doors??
Only the Pixies have the ability to pass in and out of the door, so Gabby can't peek in.
They are very thoughtful and caring little creatures and although we may never see them, we will always know they are there.
If you'd like a Pixie door to welcome the good little folk into your home, I'm attaching the label off the package for you to Google.

I wonder if the Pixies will come out to watch our Green Bay Packers play the Dallas Cowboys tonight??
Maybe they'll just listen from behind their door.
This is a wonderful time of the year to dream and wonder. There's magic in the air!!


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

That is so lovely! What a super idea!

Lucy x

Isabelle said...

Oh dear, you're going to be all organised for Christmas soon, aren't you? And I'm not!

Glad you had fun with Kristin. (I find that very hard to type because one of my daughters is Kirsten.) Daughters are just the very best (well, equal with sons).

Helen Hancock said...

All I can say is that I wish I were a kid growing up in your house. It would have/would be AMAZING!!! You are just so much fun Grammy J....keep those ideas coming!

Tracy said...

Soooo that pixie dust trail! Happy weekend to you ((HUGS))

Anina said...

How cute!!!! I hope you stuck those little trees down with something or Gabby Cat will have them all over the place before you can say "pixie".

de vliegende koe said...

Pixies don‘t live in our climate. Such a shame...

Heleen said...

The pixie dust looks real nice..
I haven't seen them around here.

Thimbleanna said...

How fun! I've been eyeing those little doors, thinking I should get one for my fairy loving mom for Christmas -- thanks for the reminder again!

Nan said...

I am not taking the time to read your most current post right now, I promise I will come back and do so soon, but I wanted to take this opportunity to ask you if you would be interested in coming over to my blog and vote on the contest entries I have posted. I would like to see if I can get unbiased opinions in the voting process by asking people who didn't enter to come and vote, and am asking bloggers I read to visit me over the weekend to help with this. Thanks!!

corry said...

So cute, I saw this before on red shoes blog and I love it!

Wendy said...

Hello I'm one of Helen's friends and just stopped by to check out your blog...I'm sitting here we are from S. Texas and I saw the football comment...Mind you I'm not really into football but I did watch the game the other night...and as My husband is a die hard Dallas fan I just had to leave a comment!! Go Cowboys, LOL...all in good humor...Love the Pixie dust and door, too funny and cute...My 4 yr old would have a blast with that door!! Have a GREAT weekend...oh and by the way my husband taped the game and is watching it again, ugh!!

happybunny said...

What a lovely magical sight - pixies in your home. My children would absolutely love this - definitely an idea for next year. Thanks for sharing your pictures.