Monday, November 5, 2007

My 'Birthday Week' begins...

My birthday isn't until Friday, but in our family we have a 'birthday week'.
It just means that you get pampered a bit more than the ordinary.
After a full-to-the-brim day and all is quiet in the house, I love to poke around online.
Tonight I went to and read reviews on stitching books.
I found several that I NEED (LOL)... well it is my B. Week!!
But, I really do want to start doing some embroidery work in the evenings when we watch movies, football, cooking shows, and so on.
'Doodle Stitching' had great reviews from the novice stitcher... like me!!
And the cover intrigued me.
Doodling is so popular in Scrapbooking and I can see it applied to sewing, too.
'The New Crewel' was a 'must have'. Not only good reviews but the cover with the whimsical trees grabbed me. I adore anything whimsical!

Everyone's been raving about this book. I'm anxious to curl up with a cup of tea, the book, and
our soft sofa.

'Colorful Stitchery' just inspired me to add some stitched embellishments to some plain pillows in our house. I want to see what else it has to offer.
Boyd just brought me a cup of peach flavored white tea. It smells so good!
Mmmmm... tastes good too!

Do you have any favorite sewing books that you'd recommend?

Have a great Tuesday!!


de vliegende koe said...

Well that’s a load of inspiration! I love the whimsical trees too! My favourite sewing book is the Denyse Schmidt Quilts book. I love her ‘modern’ look on quilts. I bought a Japanese book called quilts and I’m a fan of the last minute patchwork and quilts. I love books that show great results with minimal (again) and subtle use of colours, embroideries or stitcheries. The less the better!

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Of course you NEED these books! We all do! Happy Birthday Week Joni! We tend to have Birthday Weekends in our family although I'm sure we'd all be willing to extend them! Lucy x

Angie said...

Happy Birthday a few days early!!! Edison's birthday is next week, so we're "gearing up" for a good one. He'll be 13. I can't beleive it.

I love that doodle stitching book. I may have to get ahold of that one! : )

Pat said...

Happy Birthday Week! Order them all. Remember its your week. Have fun and enjoy.

Anina said...

I either have most of those or have had them from the library. The crewel one is GREAT. I've never seen Doodle Stitching. I'll have to see if I can get that at the library and see if it's worth buying.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday week to you! As it turns out, yesterday I just got in the mail the doodle stitching and the quick quilted gift book (or whatever it's called). I love the doodle book, but I could have done without the other. I sort of wish I hadn't bought it, there's really nothing in it that I am falling in love with.

pink-petal-designs said...

Get them all!! Have a great birthday week!
Sarah x

Sonnja said...

Happy Birthday Week!
Joni, I now be busy with your
fabrics make Beertje Zonn.
Kind regards,


Wanda said...

Well Happy Birthday Week...Here is a hug for every day. HUG, HUG, HUG, HUG, HUG, HUG, HUG!!

Helen Hancock said...

We believe in birthday week to in this happy couple of days before the big day LOL. Now I have lots to know....what is white tea? I am a big herbal tea girl but I have never heard of that one! I just adore your blog Joni as it is like a stroll through a informative and wonderful to look at. I also adore cross stitching but sadly do not have much time at the moment. One day. Now....I love to read reviews at Amazon and came away with a huge list of "to read" books. But "Austenland"...tell me it good?

CONNIE W said...

I want to send some Happy Birthday wishes your way! I'm facing the big 6-0 in a few weeks...age has never been an issue to me, only a number, but leaving the 50s decade and moving into a new one has caused a bit of thought...about how quickly our days come & go.
I hope your birthday is magic!

melanie said...

Happy Birthday week to you!! Hope it's a good one.

happybunny said...

I love books and often find if I browse Amazon I end up with a huge wish list. It really is a great place to find bargains.