Sunday, November 18, 2007

Adios Amigas!

I have been so lax in blogging this past week (sorry to the faithful) and today and tomorrow are scheduled tight... so I'm going to post my 'goodbyes' until November 28th. Tuesday morning we take off on good old American Airlines to Phoenix Arizona.
Wouldn't it be wonderful to get on a plane and have it just take you to your destination!! Actually... we only change planes once... in Chicago at O'Hare Airport which is HUGE!!
And you're thinking, "Oh, big deal!"
Let me remind you that Boyd's leg is in a cast. Ah-ha... now that sounds more challenging doesn't it?
Things we take for granted... like walking from point A to point B... suddenly seem such monstrous undertakings.
Yesterday, after several hours on the phone trying to talk to a 'human' vs recording, Boyd actually talked to a lovely lady who will not only have a wheelchair or electric cart waiting for him... but also changed our seats to 'bulk head' seats... no one in front of us. Yay!!

And then we're off to Phoenix to spend over a week with my daughter Wendy, fiancee Darin, Darin's parents Barb and Oz, and my 2 new grand dogs.
I feel bad for Boyd as there is major shopping about to take place for the 3 of us females and because of his cast he can't go in the pool or the hot tub. We did rent a car so he can go explore the deserts, etc. As a geologist this is as exciting to him as shopping is to Wendy, Barb, and I.

For those of you who don't live in the US, the day after Thanksgiving is the biggest shopping day of the year.
My darling daughter and marathon shopper, Wendy, suggested we do something she has always wanted to do... go to the stores at 12:01 am. Many stores do crazy events like that on this biggest of all shopping days. Oh, the stories I will have to share when I return!!
So, goodbye dear friends. You may not celebrate Thanksgiving in your country but it's a wonderful day to be with family and friends and share your blessings.
Wendy and Darin (who's a golf pro) have invited any of the other golf pros that can't go home because of their jobs, to join us for our Thanksgiving celebration.
Isn't that sweet?
Love to you all,
PS My other daughter Kristin will be in St Louis with her friend Chad and meeting his family for the first time.
Trivia: I went to the same high school as... OPRAH WINFREY!!


de vliegende koe said...

Hi Joni, glad to see you are back and feeling well! I wish you and Boyd some wonderful days in Arizona! Have fun and quality time with Wendy, her fiancee, his family, the granddogs and enjoy!!!

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Have a fab time Joni! Enjoy that shopping!!! Lucy x

Anina said...

Have a wonderful time!!! I hope Boyd makes it through all of this OK.
Oprah? She's older than you though, isn't she?

Helen Hancock said...

Oh good bye my friend...take care....the 28th is a long way away. I will miss your delightful entries. Enjoy your time with your family. Take lots of pics. Thanks for the geography (map) and history lesson (shopping day).

Big (((HUGS))) to you!

KCQuilter said...

Have a terrific and safe trip! Enjoy your family. Shop well!

Tracy said...

Have a wonderful time! Be safe, be happy, eat well, enjoy, and shop, shop, shop! LOL! See you after the holida--Happy Thanksgiving ((HUGS))

Thimbleanna said...

Have a great time on your break Joni! Good luck on the shopping -- we did that a few years ago -- SweetiePie loves to go early every year. Me, I'd rather shop from the convenience of my computer LOL! Happy Thanksgiving!

Angie said...

Have a wonderful time. I will miss hearing from you. Take lots of pictures. . . buy lots of fun stuff. . .and be sure and find at least one quilt store while you're out there, okay???

melanie said...

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Can't wait to hear about your midnight madness adventure...:)

Wanda said...

Have a great time!!!! Blessing on you and a safe fun trip.

corry said...

Have a wonderful time in Arizona!
And GREAT shopping time too!

Isabelle said...

Hope you have/had a lovely time and - happy Thanksgiving. (Not quite sure when it is - next Thursday?)

Angie said...

just got your comment on my blog. . .thanks! Get working on that stuffing!

Ha ha!

Pat said...

Hi Joni,
I would like to thank you again for the magazines. They arrived last week. I hope that you are enjoying some family and fun time. Be safe.

happybunny said...

Hope you had a wonderful holiday with your daughter and all her fiances family and of course the lovely doggies.