Monday, November 12, 2007

Pajama Bottoms

Kristin in her Hue pajama bottoms.
"Pajamas are often worn as comfort wear even when not in bed, and are also sometimes worn as a fashion statement. In North America, some people (mainly young females) have started to wear pajama pants in public as fashion. In China, it is not unusual in the late afternoon or evening, to have adults wear their pajamas in public around their local neighborhood."
~ Wikipedia

These are 2 of my favorite pajama bottoms
(pulled right out of the drawer all wrinkly).
These jams are made by HUE and I took the photo to show you the leg detail.

My daughters always pull on their jammy bottoms in the evening for comfort or to run a quick errand in the morning... to Starbucks for that "I need some coffee, NOW!!" cup.

Next week we're going to Arizona for Thanksgiving, shopping, and planning Wendy's wedding.
Her future in-laws will be there with us and I can't wait to spend time with everyone... including my 2 new grand-dogs I haven't met!

So... I made some jammy bottoms that I can pull on in the morning and not have to rush into getting dressed for the day.

My husband calls me "Froggy" and suggested I get some fabric with frogs on it.
My favorite quilt shop had this fabric combo in their children's section.

I traced a favorite pair on paper and made them in muslin as this is a non-knit fabric and I knew the "back end" was going to need some tweaking.
I used French seams so there aren't any open seams.

They fit great!!

While I was in the quilt shop I saw this fabric calling to me.
I love the colors and the border print.
How perfect for wide cuffs on another pair.

Sooooo... they're 'in process' at the moment.

If you're not a sewer and would like a pair, Inspireco has something similar on her site that she is selling. Check out her October 29th post.
I don't have her address as I am writing this, but she's on my link list on the right side of my blog. She calls her pants/tops "Muu Muus" and describes them as "play clothes"
I love that!!
Remember... Make it or buy it handmade!!
Off to sew and to return overdue library books.


Angie said...

These are too cute for words! I have some new pj pants on order. Should arrive this week. (Sorry, too busy making Christmas presents to sew pajama pants!) LOL

When are you guys heading west? More importantly, how long will you be gone?

Pat said...

I have several pair of pj bottoms. I don't wear them in public as I am not of the age.I have some flannel ones that are in the wash (as I write this)getting ready for the cold weather. I wear them to do my cleaning or my stitching when I don't expect company. I have been caught several times but they are so comfy.

Anina said...

I LOVE those! Your fabric choices are wonderful.

Angie said...

Okay. . .I went to her site. . . Inspireco. . . awesome.


I think I need to make another trip to Joann's. These are gorgeous!!!


Lovie said...

Love your jams! And thanks for the mention of the Muu-Muus! Everyone needs a Muu-Muu and Amy still has some left.

Lovie (the Muu-Muu maker)

Judy said...

I like the pajama bottoms. I am not new to your blog, I visit often but have never commented. I enjoy it very much.

Wanda said...

I was a gown person for years upon years. I loved Olga's long flowing silk nightgowns, but they do not make them I have become, late in life...a PJ girl!! Love yours!

de vliegende koe said...

Froggi pants, who would have guessed.. They look wonderful and I bet they are great to wear!

Sheri said...

Cute pajamas.I may make some for Christmas gifts.I'm trying not to buy any thing from China.

PS -the socks pictured at the top of your blog, are they from the Socklady?

Helen Hancock said...

A trip to your blog is always so pleasing J!! I love those jammies and could not agree more....I wear them whenever I can...but hey! I want tassles too! They look fabulous! Have a wonderful time away....enjoy my friend! And take care!

Thimbleanna said...

Very cute Joni -- you'll be all stylish with the future in-laws at Starbucks LOL! I saw Amy's post too and decided to make a pair or two for Christmas gifts. I think we're living in a parallel universe LOL!

Junie Moon said...

Oh, Joni--these are fabulous! I'm so glad you made them and shared it all with us.

Lissa Jane said...

I love your PJ pants.. I like to wear Pj pants and a tshirt as soon as I get home.. I dont think I'd be game to venture out of the house in my PJ's, but in aussieland young people are wearing PJ's out as well.. I have seen some fella's at the supermarket on a sunday morning with slippers and flannel pj bottoms on, so I guess its a craze thats catching on...


happybunny said...

I love pj's - They are so cosy especially on a winter evening. Come in from the cold, put on your pjs,grab a hot chocolate, a good book and a really comfy chair. my idea of heaven...