Sunday, December 7, 2008


Here are
yesterday's pages for December 6th
for my December Day-by-day album.
I had a terrible night... tummy problems, headache, etc.
I captured my healing tea and soda crackers in a photo.
By noon I felt so much better!
It was St. Nicholas Day so I used Wendy and Darin's
fireplace with stockings as I didn't pull our socks out this year.
Besides... I was fascinatedwith their copper fireplace.
I added the story of who St. Nick was/is.
The background is a red & transparent plastic overlay.

Did you watch Donny and Marie?
It was a 'must' at our house.
The girls were glued to the TV every Friday night.
This morning I found a list of 'the 25 most popular 'teen idols'...
(on my Yahoo home page)
And there they were in all their glory...
Donny and Marie!
#9) Donny And Marie: "She was a little bit country
and he was a little bit rock n' roll,
and we do mean a little bit.
These two had their own variety show
that if I remember correctly was on Friday nights,
which served as a reminder that you were HOME on a Friday night.
They had so many teeth there should've been a dental inquiry."
I had the nicest gift this morning...
the gift of Kristin's time!
As I was checking my blog
before I put on today's post
I found a comment from my daughter Kristin.
My first!
I had a smile from ear-to-ear!!
The girls told me at Thanksgiving that if I continued
my blog... they'd comment.
Music to my ears!
Besides, I'd do anything for them.
And speaking of gifts...
Kristin brought me Photoshop Elements7
at Thanksgiving.
(I had been using PSE4)
I signed up for a class with Jessica Sprague,
"Up & Running with Photoshop"
I enrolled, but as it is a self-paced class
I won't give-it-my-all until after Christmas.
Thanks Kristin for both of your gifts!
That's it for today!
Off to turn the guest bathroom into a
holiday tableau.
- Josephine Billings


Sheena Richmond said...

i'm enjoying following your Daily December!
I can relate to your Day 6! Our entire family of 5 has been sharing the stomach flu the entire first week of December. I couldn't decided if I should document it or wasn't pretty!
Decided I'd rather remember the better moments of this December so I'll focus on other activities instead!

Enjoying your creativity!

Helen said...

I am glad you quickly recovered from your tummy problem. You will have such fun with elements.....good idea to take a course. And a comment from dd .... no wonder that made your day. Take care!

Michelle said...

Fun to see you checking in on my blog, and think your Dec. Daily album looks beautiful! I don't generally print at home but I just did a photo order to hopefully have a few days to put in there. My pages are still empty. =( I'll be sure to plug in my blog journaling, tho. I'm going to try to keep posting some journaling so I don't forget the happenings! My first time too with a DD so I it's a fun adventure. Yours is so pretty!!!

Hannah said...


Your Dec. Daily album is looking great! I have yet to put my pictures in, but...hopefully this week!

sassy studio said...

I wish my Mom was half as creative as you Yummers! You daughters should be proud of you and comment everyday!

laura said...

I love your December album. I am going to make one ahead and have one ready to fill in for next year.

Heather said...

Hey Joni -
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your December pages!! Your book is awesome! I have been swamped the last few days and have not got around to look at others pages -- wow -- pretty cool thing, huh? Anyway, looking forward to see what you create next!

Chris said...

looks awesome!I'm enjoying your blog!