Thursday, December 11, 2008


The 10th day of December's album pages.
Some days there is one page... today there are four.
So000 much to remember!
Yesterday was my volunteer day in my friend
Chris's classroom... each Wednesday.
Yes... it is a 'Tradition'!
I made a SNOW DAY mini album with the kids.
They do such a good job as Chris has a great writing program.

I took my December Daily Album and read them
my journaling and told them stories about the photos.
During their 'Read-to-Self' time, a little girl
chose the album to read.
They are such sweet kids!
It was Chris's birthday so we ran out to NOODLES
to have a quick lunch together.


Happy Birthday Chris!
41 and lookin' good!

Tina is hilarious!
Come on Tina... shove that huge Rice Crispy
treat in your mouth.
That's the way!
Janelle is such a sweetie!
So cute, sweet, & caring.
Can't you just see it in her face?

That's it for today!
I'm off to a wonderful shop/studio called 'Assemblage'.
In search of tiny treasures for my album.


Anina said...

Lunch with friends! Always great!

Angie said...

Okay. . . I'm jealous. I want to have lunch with you. I want to read your album in person.

And, most of all. . .I want to go to cool scrapbook and fabric and quilt shops with you!

There, I've said it!

Thimbleanna said...

Holy Cow Joni -- you've been so busy! I wish I weren't so busy so that I could keep up with you! I love the Dr. Suess poem that you posted a few days ago -- I put it on my youngest's graduation quilt. Hope you're enjoying all of your snow -- I'm ready for some here!

sassy studio said...

Lunch with the fun! And I bet thsoe gr 1's just loooved your "bbok"! Lucky kids!

Heather said...

your book is beautiful!