Friday, December 19, 2008


It's Friday and my album is current!
The problem with Blogger is that you have to load your
photos backwards and I forgot.
Day #19
This is a 2 page spread made with one digital layout.
1/3 is on the left side
2/3 are on the right side.
I saw the idea of cutting a photo apart on Ali Edward's blog
The photos are of some of my favorite ornaments.

I want to take photos of all of the old ornaments
and put them in a mini album
with the story behind each one.

Day #18
I did a 6x6 photo of one of my favorite ornaments.
It's tiny... about an inch tall.
But it has so many wonderful memories
connected with it.
I tried to capture those thoughts in my journaling
on the photo.

I also wanted to document the amount of time
I'm spending on the computer these days.
The photo is of my screen with my blog site on it.

Day #17
I've shared about my love for ELOISE on my site
but it was something else I wanted to document.

This little guy sits on my desk and we make
occasional eye-contact while I'm on the computer,
I bought this pixie from last year.
He's beautifully made of felted wool.

Make this a great weekend!
Welcome back Junie Moon!


Junie Moon said...

I'm loving your project and congratulations on getting caught up on the timeline. You've inspired me want to scrapbook, too. I have a friend who teaches it and she's going to let me know the next workshop date in January.

Thank you for your sweet welcome!

Angie said...

These pages are just phenomenal, Joni! I am so proud of you.

I'm hoping to get caught up on some stuff today -- but it's after 10, and the only thing I've accomplished is making myself breakfast and putting ribbons & tags on Caroline's teacher gifts.


Lisa Marie said...

Love what you are doing with this project. Have you seen Becky's Project 365 on her blog? The link is on my blog, check it out, you may want to tackle that for next year! Have a great day

Nan said...

I love the idea of taking photo's of the old cherished ornaments and putting them in a mini album with the story behind them.

When my kids were little and would actually help me decorate the tree, it was always a story time when ever they were ready to put each ornament on the tree, them asking me where it came from, when we got it, who's it was or who gave it to us etc. and I would remind them every year how we acquired them, but now they are older, the fun of that part of decorating has been replaced with me silently putting them on the tree and an occasional smile or tear when a 'dear' one came up next to put up.

I gave my daughter some of her special ornaments already, but it would be great to go to her house and take pictures of hers and make her a small album so she doesn't forget and can share them with her kids and add to it with their special ones too. Thanks for the idea Joni! and Merry Christmas!

Thimbleanna said...

Oh Joni -- what a great idea to do an album with the ornament stories. I'm so late on our live tree and I was just unpacking the ornaments this afternoon wondering what will happen when I'm no longer here to tell grandchildren about them!

jacquie said...

i love how you documented your ornaments. i'd like to do something like that for my boys so they know the stories and memories behind their ornaments. (that is IF i ever decide to give them their ornaments)

Saucy said...

That felted wool guy is handsome, handsome, handsome! Oh, but I want to try felting wool sometime this year.