Saturday, December 13, 2008


December Daily album... day #12
I had spent time decorating the guest bathroom
and thought I should record what I did for next year.
So... into the album it went!
The J-O-Y blocks are on the counter under the
small Christmas tree.
I love my Pottery Barn polka dot towels that come
out of their storage box only for the
The little white bench in the lower right corner has
a different cushion cover for each season.

This is a digital page thanks to my blog friend Karen... who gave
me step-by step directions in an email.
Thanks Karen!

I found this book at Barnes & Noble
the other day.
When I see red and white my heart beats rapidly and I
go into an anxiety attack.
(I immediately ordered all of her books...
they're Scandinavian & 2 aren't in English).
I had to order them from England...
but I wanted them... do-or-die!

Look at these charming pixies!
The patterns are included.
And these sweet pixie girls!

I would never have thought of putting a pig on a
dinner table... but, he's adorable!
Sprinkled with glitter.
Love angels!
And these are lovely!
As I turn each page in the book...
it's another bit of eye-candy, and I salivate!
I'm working on a major project for my daughters...
cant tell you what it is...
or show you
as they read my blog.
But, after Christmas I'll share.
All I can say is....

Later I'll curl up with a chai tea
the book 'ELOISE'
(who lived at the Plaza hotel).
Love, love, love that book!
I'll share it on another blog!


Anina said...

Wow Joni, your really are the epitomy of Christmas Spirit!

laura said...

Your bathroom looks adorable!!
And your joy is infectious. : )

Anonymous said...

Your digital page is great. It's just awesome for a first go! I'm glad the directions worked. I volunteered on Thursday, subbed on Friday, and am now way behind in my Christmas journal. Had to get started on Christmas cookies today.

Angie said...

Such fun. I am with you. . .I have a project to share on my blog, but my sister reads the blog. And, until Christmas, it's "top secret" information!

Have a wonderful Sunday....


Lovie said...

There is not a Scandinavian bone in my English/Irish/Cherokee Indian body,but like you, I hyper-ventilate everytime I see red and white togehter!

Colleen said...

I LOVE Tone Finnanger's books too. Her style is so whimsical and charming, much like yours! There is a blog that solely features projects people have made from her books. You'll have to post there once you've done something.

I always enjoy your posts. Thanks for showing us a bit of your life.

Thimbleanna said...

Your bathroom looks yummy Joni -- I especially like those polkie towels! And you've discoverd the Sew Pretty books -- aren't they cool???

Jennifer said...

Glad you were able to check out my blog! I'm loving your book... looks amazing! I'm so simple, but I'm going to stretch for amazing! :) This is my first year so now that I'm in LOVE with this concept, I'm going to collect things throughout the year for this book. Did you start with an album?