Monday, December 8, 2008


Another day... another album page(s).
This photo of Boyd blowing snow was so typical of today.
You could hear snow blowers, snow plows, and the
sound of scraping shovels all day.
I decided to print my journaling right on my photo.
I like the look... but I DO see a misspelling!
That certainly is a simple way to make a page.
After reading Ali Edwards blog this morning, I decided to
'lift' an idea she suggested. In this envelope is a note I wrote to
Boyd while he was out in the cold snowy weather.
It's for his eyes only... I can only show you the envelope
not the note inside. He'll have fun reading it!
The polka dot envelope is from Cath Kidston
whose products I adore.
I found this photo on the Internet (Yahoo News)
and couldn't resist sharing it with you.
It made me think of one of my favorite movies,
'Bridget Jones'
when Colin Firth wears a Reindeer Jumper to a party.
If have an old Christmas sweater or two hidden in your closet,
don't let it miss another excuse-filled holiday!
Or, if you're feeling obligated to wear that sweater
you got as a gift, flaunt it!
So showy they're now ironic,
"ugly Christmas sweaters"
are sweeping the nation in the newest trend,
bringing conversation and laughs to parties & get-togethers.
P.S. Those are not my friends and
that is not my living room!!
Look at this waste of paper...
These are all Christmas catalogs!
And many have been thrown away already.
I must admit... I do order online and therefore my name is on
everyone's list.
"Send it to her... she's a sucker!"
Tomorrow is a recycling day for us,
so... off they go to the bins.
Never to be a tree again... so sad.
A thought for the day...
Your imagination is the preview to
life's coming attractions.
~Albert Einstein


Helen said...

what is Boyd doing???? Is that a "lawn mower" for snow! How wonderful! Never seen that in my life. Mind you only ever seen snow a handful of times and my children never.

Amy said...

Love your blog.

Mississippi Mama said...

I'm a bit jealous of your snow! Down here in Mississippi it's 72 degrees today and we're under a tornado watch!

Love the envelope.

Sheena Richmond said...

Okay...We obviously have some things in common....if nothing else....TASTE! I'm really enjoying your blog. And good for you for keeping up with your December is beautiful! I'm starting to slip behind...having printer troubles.
Thank you for your kind comments on my blog :)
P.S. I think we are sharing the same big dump of snow here in Ontario!

leaca said...

I put my kids Santa letters in out envelope but that is a cool idea to write a letter to someone you love.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Holy smokes--that's a LOT of catalogs! And those are some ugly sweaters.

Your blog is so cheery today:)

the fan said...

I thoroughly enjoy the encouraging comments you leave on the blogs of my two girls (saucy & sassy). Your blog is bright and colourful (notice the Canuck spelling!! heh heh) - wish we lived closer so you could visit with all of us! xoxox the fan

Heather said...

Like that page -- wow -- look at that snow -- my girls would be in heaven! We had about a 1/2 inch here on Sat, but is all gone now. More is predicted tomorrow and they are already doing the snow dance -- I would love to have a snow photo in my book!

Lovie said...

Oh, I'm jealous! I want that snow. love your page.

Angie said...

I wish we had enough snow to merit owning a snow blower -- but then again, I kinda like my "Tender Tennessee Christmases" that don't have much snow! :)

sassy studio said...

My Hubby blew snow today too! Oh McDreamy would just love a pic of himself blowing snow! Imust copy you Yummers! Another great idea!

Saucy said...

Hey! Are those your friends? Is that your living room?

Just kidding.