Sunday, December 28, 2008


Have you tried
Here are 2 samples of Shutterfly products
from our Christmas celebration.
Wendy made Shutterfly Calendars for everyone.
I picked a generic page full of pictures of Wendy and Darin.
Each calendar was different... pictures specific to
that particular recipient
I love it... Thanks Wen!
I made each family on Boyd's side, a Shutterfly Album of
pictures and text about our 3 week vacation together
at Green Lake.

I chose this 2 page spread to show that you don't always
have to use photos of people.
This was a farm market that we went to about once a day
for fresh produce. It smelled like dill & fresh tomatoes.

This is a pic of Boyd's brother Dana in the lake.
The opposite photo is Boyd's dad climbing up the hill to the house.
It was a very steep hill and quite a climb.
His dad is 88 yrs. old!

I may not have little children at home, but...
I have big children!!
Kristin building a snowman with the help of nephew Henry.

Wendy and Darin with Henry and
their three snow people.
I love the lady's hair made out of evergreens.

Today Wendy and Darin are flying back to their home in Phoenix.
Kristin is flying from Chicago to Phoenix too,
to spend New Year's Eve with them
and other friends.
See you tomorrow!


Baboona said...

This is the second time that I am trying to post a comment ...the net is soo slow..
Yess, I did try Shutterfly and Thanks alot for sharing this site!!!! right now am downloading the rest of my photos its taking me over a week to group them too and soo I'll turn them into albums soon ..Thanks again!!

sassy studio said...

I must try a shutterfly book! I have used blurb but shutterfly looks like all that and the cats pyjamas! What a great season, it sounds like your house was busy like ours. I am so lucky that everyone came to us again instead of having to travel. I love strega nona books too! The illustrations are just my style and she reminds me of my Russian Baba always so wise! I'm now on the hunt for singel neuro dr's for your daughter! (There are only 5 or 10 in our province but maybe a resident!)

Helen said...

Your shutterfly books and calendars came up great Joni! I can't believe the snow you kids would love that - never seen the stuff!

Wanda said...

More delightful picture and ideas,

What grand snowmen and women!!!

Having adult kids is really fun too!

Happy New Year