Saturday, December 27, 2008

Saturday, December 27, 2008

So many stories to tell...
so many photos to share!
Where to begin?
How about Christmas Eve?
Look at all of our snow!
There have been many years when we have prayed for
just a little snow for Christmas...
not this year!
It has snowed almost every day...
except today (the 27th) when we have
heavy fog.
Kristin (Chicago), Wendy, and Darin (Phoenix) arrived
late afternoon... safe and sound.
NOW... here's our new tradition.
My sweet husband timed their arrival with
'chocolate chip/toasted pecan cookies' coming out of the oven.
The house smelled sooooo good!!
A great way to set the tone of the evening.

Kristin gave me a wonderful Strega Nona book that
has the most fantastic, detailed pop-ups on every page.
I just love it ! And so did Darin!
The craftsmanship is unbelievable.
And yes... I do have all of the Strega Nona books by
Tomi de Paola
one of my favorite children's illustrators.

The book!

One of the pop-up pages.

And another!
And that's just the beginning.
More tomorrow or Monday.
Today I am trying to get my December Daily album
caught up.
Wendy and Darin are on their way to Iowa to visit his family.
Kristin's off having coffee with a high school friend.
Boyd is in a snowsuit of-sorts looking at some land for a client
(he's a Geologist).
And I am in my new Christmas jammies.
Holiday Love to you all!


BarbO said...

Sounds like everyone enjoyed themselves at your house for Christmas! Love the pic of you and "our" son. I'll have to check out those books...they look sweet!
Happy New Year, Joni. Now we'll enjoy the kids for a few days, then back to PHX for them. But any time we get them is Good time!
Barb O

Saucy said...

Sounds like you had a lovely Christmas, Joni and we can't wait to see the rest. Chocolate chip pecan? Divine!

Those pop up books look sweet and are an art form unto themselves.

Rhona said...

Happy Christmas Joni, my DH has finally got my computer up and running again and I'm slowly catching up with blogs. Glad you had a good Christmas and in my books, you're in the best place (home in PJs). Look forward to hearing more of your holidays.

Thimbleanna said...

Oh how fun! My mother loves pop-up books and this one would be perfect for her -- thanks for posting. I hope you and the Yummers all had a wonderful holiday!

Wanda said...

What a lovely group of pictures joni ~~ I like your Choc chip toasted pecan cookies ~~ nothing like the smell of home when someones coming.

When my children were small I always made a roast, carrots and potatoes on Sunday...the smell of the house when we got home from church has stayed with all my kids.

Your pop up book ~~ how delightful! That is a gift I would treasure too.

So glad you had such a Merry Merry Christmas... I'll be back to see the rest as you post it.


Junie Moon said...

What a grand time you're having at your house. It actually snowed here in Tucson the day after Christmas. It didn't stick but it was a magical feeling nevertheless. After a few truly below freezing days, we'll be back in the 70s this week--a wonder we don't all have pneumonia.

Helen said...

wow...look at that snow and look at that fabulous book.

Lovie said...

Oh boy, I love pop-up books too! I seek them out and give them to my grands every chance I can!

Oh how I wish we had some of your snow! Here in east TN, we've got 60's and 70's and the AC blowing. I just want snow even if it is only a sprinkly...

Anina said...

I love pop-up books! This one looks amazing!

Anonymous said...

Love that book! We had lots of snow too, but it's rained the last few days and it's almost gone now.