Sunday, December 7, 2008


December Day-by-Day album for Day #7.
Sunday... a restful day.
I thought it was a good day to record my favorite
reading chair and Christmas pillows.
Having so much red furniture in our house
makes decorating fun for Christmas...
and most seasons.
I added a tag to remind me about the memory that was 'sparked'
when I read a blog with a picture of a child eating snow.
I could taste it and feel it in my mouth and on my tongue.
I've decided that I'll add a tag anytime a memory is
'sparked' during the process of creating this album.
Living in Green Bay... every Sunday is 'Packer Sunday'
despite their losses this year.
I felt I needed to record that as it is an important part
of our life here.

I've been using a DYMO electronic label maker for a lot of my journaling.
Makes it quick and easy.

I really wanted to put a photo of my current book I'm reading

as it is such a good story.

I attached a bookmark because that's the way it looks.

Some of the loves of my life...
This is Wendy & Darin's dog Wylie (Coyote).
Therefore he's my grand dog.
I love him to pieces... he's full of mischief!
This is their other dog Alfred. He was rescued from Katrina
after the terrible storm.
He's very sensitive & appreciative.
Yes, Alfred... your Grammy loves you!

This is a Thanksgiving pic of the girls and I.
They are sooooo fun, sweet, pretty, caring, and interesting.
Food For Thought...
You have brains in your head and feet in your shoes.
You can steer yourself any direction you choose.
You're on your own and you know what you know
and you are the one who'll decide where to go.
~ Dr. Seuss


Helen said...

Love the Dr Seuss quote and that last photo is just tremendous

Anina said...

I realy wish I had done a little album like this. It's lovely and the memories will be treasured forever.

Rachel Carlson said...

joni, this is fantastic! thanks for the inspiration. my december 'daily' turned into december holiday 'memories' instead as i'm not keeping up with it 'daily'. i thinking recording at least something will be good since we have a lot of 'december' traditions. have a great week! hugs, rachel

Heather said...

Great book so far. The doggies are so cute and I love that bedspread, very cute.

Mississippi Mama said...

How CUTE to do that with the bookmark! I've been itching to do a scrapbook layout about my love for the Twilight books and movie (and yes, I'm a grown woman!) and I'm totally going to steal that idea!

Anonymous said...

Love the photo of you and your girls. All beautiful women! I also have red throughout the whole house!

Lovie said...

jasper77LOVE your red chair. I am a red person too and I have a red chair in my living room I adore. All the quilts I make seem to be red and white.
p.s. I am adding you to my favorites list as soon as I sign off here.

laura said...

I adore that red chair too and the pillows!
And wonderful photo of you with your girls, beautiful women all.