Friday, December 5, 2008

December 5, 2008

December 5th is St. Nick's night.
We always hung our stockings
and they were filled with small gifts,
fruit, and sweets.
I always thought,
"An orange? I can get one of those
in the kitchen!"
Yes... that's me in 1945, checking out my
My mom always told me that if I was bad,
St. Nick would put coal & twigs in my

Todays project...Today I finished putting our Christmas duvet cover

and sheets on our bed, bringing out the Christmas

decorative pillows, and adding a few decorations.
I'll use these photos in my December
Day-by-Day album for the 5th.
I'll share the finished pages tomorrow.

Click on a photo to see my treasures better!

Sooooo many memories that are packed away
in boxes for most of the year.
Such fun to revisit them!
I, Joni Possin, am going to TRY to
post each day during December.
So... Come visit again and see what's
happening in a Wisconsin gal's life.



jacquie said...

i need a christmas duvet cover...definitely a need...not a want. the little quilt looks so sweet in your room! don't you look so cute eyeing your stocking!

Anina said...

Oh, you make me feel like I should be getting myself into gear for Christmas.

Lovie said...

Love your Christmasy bedroom, especially the duvet cover!

Anonymous said...

There was always an orange in the bottom of my stocking growing up, too! We used knee socks, however, and hung them on the ends of our beds. My brother and I were allowed to empty our stockings as soon as we woke up. I remember doing it with my brother in one of our rooms, but I don't remember my parents being a part of it at all. Just look what memories you've sparked! The stocking tradition at our house is much different!

Thimbleanna said...

Beautiful room Joni!!!

Saucy said...

Well we can't all wait for a daily post, Joni! Good luck. I'm going to attempt as well... hot off the heels of NaBloPoMo.

I bet Santa never did have to leave twigs or coal in that little stocking of yours!

Rhona said...

Joni, I love the way you decorate your house each season and enjoy seeing what you add. Like Karen, we had one of my dad's knee length socks on Christmas eve and it was hung next to our beds. We used to wake up bright and early and open them before my parents woke up. I shared a room with two sisters so we used to get my two brothers and open them together - trying not to make too much noise. Thanks for awakening those memories.