Saturday, December 20, 2008


A short post today as I'm off to battle the shopping scene.
It should be nasty on a Saturday...
but 'what's a girl to do' when her husband says,
"Let's go shopping and get a bite to eat!"
I'll arm myself with my camera and take a few goofy photos
for tomorrow's album and blog.
Day #20
More... SNOW!!!
Why not? That's all we know these days!
Captured and documented for the album.
A peek at our back yard...
I was looking at our hutch this morning and realized that
I have dishes that are red, white, red & white, red snowflakes,
red plaid, red striped... and I'm ashamed to say... more.
Luuuuurve RED... if you haven't guessed!
I decided to document that for my album.

Sassy requested, "More Eloise, please!"
"I put a large cabbage leaf on my head

when I have a headache.

It makes a very good hat.

My mother knows Coco Chanel."

~ Kay Thompson

Soooooo... when you've got a pre-holiday

headache... get out a cabbage leaf!





Angie said...

I found some very cute red bowls with white snowflakes a few months ago. I have loved putting them out with little treats in them -- ever since Thanksgiving ended. :)

Have a wonderful weekend. Hopefully the mall wasn't too brutal!!

sassy studio said...

A husband who REQUESTS shopping and eating.......a true king! You are sooo lucky! Can you offer this newly wed a few training tips?! I just got back from McDreamy's party (snuck out early with the sprout!)McD plays in the OR band and I was treated to many band practices in our basement in prep for the big day today. I am getting my cabbage leaves ready for the holiday dinners I must cook! Thanks for the tip Eloise! (love that style of illustrations!)
xox Sassy

Lovie said...

I too love, love, LOVE red!
Gotta have it! And sometimes I throw in pink. Because pink, after all, is just red with some white mixed in, so as far as I am concerned they go together.

Junie Moon said...

What a fabulous red collection you have and documenting it like that is a wonderful idea. The Eloise quote is adorable and I'll have to remember her cabbage leaf hat headache treatment. I hope your shopping day was fun and full of great finds.