Thursday, July 19, 2007

A Winner and a Runway Show... a drumroll please

And the winner is... Anna of Thimbleanna fame, with the name Frizzy Lizzy. Thanks everyone who suggested a name for "Lizzy" as she'll probably be known. My husband picked the name. As I'm getting to know some of you it's difficult to be impartial. So, "Honey, would you choose a name for the doll from this list?" At this moment 'Honey' is buried deep in an enormous non-fiction civil war book. "Huh? What? Who?" But, he did rally and quickly picked his favorite... mumbling some comment about the doll's hair. Hand me the microphone please! So, here we have Lizzy strutting her stuff in her new (and only) dress. A perfect choice for this hot summer weather in a cool and crisp 100% cotton. The dress is embellished on the front with a red flower and matching button.
Notice as she pivots, the coordinating sash closing this simple wrap-around dress. A perfect choice for a party, BBQ, or a barefoot stroll along the beach. Thank you, Lizzy!
Anna, I will be sending you a surprise package sometime next week. We're going to a wedding about 5 hours away along the Mississippi River. We're leaving tomorrow and may stay an extra day or two in Minneapolis ( if I can find some good fabric or quilting shops). Ah-ha, a Google search is in order.
Have a wonderful and safe weekend.
Enjoy each minute of your precious time.

New book for car trip... Nineteen Minutes by JodiPicoult.


Angie said...

Hey there. . . I think that's a perfect name! Good choice.

Enjoy the wedding, and the book. I read "Plain Truth" by Jodi P a few months back. Very good book. I started "My Sister's Keeper" and really had a rough time getting into the heart of it.

"19 Minutes" is one that I hope to read down the road (so to speak!)

Again, enjoy your trip. I love her outfit!!!

Helen Hancock said...

YEY for Frizzy the new outfit - Mum (ie. Joni) might just need a similar one for the upcoming wedding. Look forward to hearing your thoughts on the book. Have a safe weekend. Best wishes, Helen

Thimbleanna said...

WooHoo! Thanks! I'm so excited that you picked my name -- she just looked like a Lizzy to me! And what do you mean if you can find a few quilt shops in Minneapolis??? We lived there 8 now (wow, I can't believe it's been that long) years ago and I loved the shops there. My favorite is now closed, but a new one opened up after we left -- and it's wunderbar -- don't miss Eagle Creek (I think it is) Quilt Shop -- it's in Shakopee. Another charming but very small shop was in Linden Hills -- can't remember the name. I loved that little neighborhood -- I hope the shop is still there. And I hope you're not gone already. LOL....

melanie said...

Great doll name! And thanks for the recipe - it looks awesome.

I haven't read 19 minutes or My Sister's Keeper as I got a little burned out on Jodi P. I read her older novels a little too close together and they all started to get predictable. I know a lot of people enjoy her as she takes on some pretty heavy themes.

Enjoy your trip! I'll be curious to hear what you think about Water for Elephants.


Isabelle said...

Hi - back from holiday and have enjoyed your invigorating posts. Love the dolly! I'm awed by your just throwing her together like that. Goodness me, you're talented.

Enjoy your wedding.

sarah said...

lovely name Sarah x

Wanda said...

Oh, I can see I've been gone, far to long....I've missed so many of your wonderful posts.
Will try to catch up!
Again, you are just Miss Talent!