Thursday, July 5, 2007

I love... ETSY.COM!!!

This is Emily! She is a cloth doll created by Maggierama for her etsy store. I bought her this afternoon. I thought she was charming the minute I saw her. I am fascinated (I didn't want to say 'addicted') with!
Now we all have different things that 'trip our trigger'... and etsy is my current 'tripper' (did I just coin a word?).
Etsy is like a magnet drawing me in and I don't resist. I could... but don't!
It's such fun to explore the site and discover all the crafty/arty creative endeavors of people just like me... only a bit more disciplined. It's motivating!
I can sew, knit, design, paint, and so on... but I don't seem to get around to it.
Scrapbooking is an exception. I seem to keep fairly current with that.
But when I'm reading my favorite blogs each day, so many handmade items are shared in lovely photos. I am so motivated right now to CREATE... but, I still have to check out etsy to see what's new and available.
Besides, I feel as though I'm helping to support independent artists.
But tomorrow morning I am going to a fabric store and give it a try myself!


Ragged Roses said...

Oh I love Emily - she is gorgeous! Isn't Etsy wonderful, very addictive, There are so many talented people around it's wonderful to see what everyone is up to. Glad you're going to give it a go. Have a lovely weekend.

Wanda said...

Emily is I wish I was "crafty"....It's not in my genes, so I'll stick to what I love best....watercolors. Because I can't do them doesn't mean I don't like them....Your blog is so full of delightful things!!!

GardenGoose said...

what a darling little doll, so cheerful.