Saturday, July 7, 2007

I remember a lot of details about those early years and was going to fill in one of those 'All About Your Mom' books. I started... got bored... decided to put my memories into an album instead so that I had room for pictures, journaling, and as much color as I needed to convey how I felt about it all.
I hope my girls will enjoy this album someday and will laugh at how different things were... but yet similar. This is my 2nd Christmas... snuggled safely on my mom's lap. My dad left for WWII several days after I was born, so my whole world revolved around my mom. My mom was a nurse and had to work due to the war, so I had a nanny... Nanny Lockvahm.
This was my 3rd birthday which I celebrated with my best friend Harry and my beloved teddy bear 'Brownie'. Brownie always had a small cake of his own with a candle.

Happy 4th birthday to me!
My dad had come home from the war and we had bought our first home.
I also had my first big party with lots of kids.
I'm sitting behind a table my parents got me for my birthday, looking at all my 'loot'!
The top photo makes me laugh because my mother was always saying, "Joni... little girls should always sit with their legs together."
Nice hats again!

Speaking of hats... this time they're to hide my bald head.
My mom used to scotch tape a bow on my head. I didn't think that was funny.
As you can see, these layouts are not in any order. And you can also see how old I am!
This was my first Halloween and I wasn't sure about this whole 'pumpkin' thing.
When I was in elementary school I cut up the picture of me holding the pumpkin. My legs were as bowed as the pumpkin was round.
Not cute!

Well, that's it for today... I'll share more from this album another day.
~ Joni
P.S. Guess who's getting a new sewing machine!! My dear husband must have read my blog. He was looking up sewing machines in Consumer Reports today.
It pays to blog!!

ALSO... I lost yesterday's blog on my site. It was about the fabric store and had pictures of the pincushion I'd made. Strange! Have any of you had that happen??


Wanda said...

I can't believe you lost your pincushion!!! How far so good, I've never lost a blog...deleted a few.

Look your scrapbooking...You are good girlfriend!!! Those pages are wonderful...I don't have that knack!

melanie said...

hi there!
thanks for checking in with the Owen.
things are looking up. your pages look great - and i'm so jealous that you sew!!

20Birds said...

I love all the layouts chronicling the present for the future that i see out there, but sometimes we have to get back to simply telling the story of our lives for our kids... good job....

Angie said...

These layouts are wonderful, Joni. I have pictures from my childhood that I haven't yet scrapped. You have given me some ideas, and some courage (hee hee) to get them out and scrap them!!

For what it's worth, I've never lost a blog entry, but once, I thought I'd posted one, and it was stuck in "draft" mode.

Gremlins, I tell ya!

GardenGoose said...

what a lovely scrapbook, your daughters will certainly cherish it.

Helen Hancock said...

Great LOs....did you stumble over me accidently or through Angie? This is so funny!