Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Please send me an email with your address and which pincushion you'd like.
Thanks to everyone who took the time to comment!
That was fun... have to do it again soon.

Here are a few summer layouts of years gone by.

Wendy and Kristin loved to go to my mom's house and she loved to take them to the local pool. The journaling on this layout is done in a spiral inside the circle. It's much easier to read in person.

Wendy loved to go to a wading pool near our house and just play in the water.

This is Wendy at Martha's Vineyard along the Atlantic coast. She was a Nanny at the time and had lots of traveling adventures with the family.
The fish on the layout are buttons I sewed on for dimension.
I have more photos of Wendy on my blog at the moment because I happen to have her scrapbook at home to work on.

PS I have my new sewing machine at home and I spent a lot of today reading through the instruction manual. Maybe tomorrow I can actually sew something with it. It is so different from my old machines and I'm rather intimidated by it.


saraeden said...

hiya tried to email you but it doesnt seem to want to go through !!! i tried the link on your blog too!

hope to here from you soon ....sara x

Lucy Locket said...

Hi Joni - Yeay I won!!! Please can I have the blue one? I can't seem to email you on your link so I have put my email address on my profile on my blog. Could you email me - then I can reply? Sorry for the complication! Lucy

Anonymous said...

Gosh Wendy looks like you, Joni!!

Kate said...

Hey Joni - hope today is good for you. I'm smiling at your sewing machine. What did you get? A Bernina? They're scary. I think you should just get it out and start sewing, and you'll learn as you go. Have fun!! xx


Hi Joni,
Sorry I haven't replied, but been having BIG problems with my computer & have been off the air. Ugh!! Received your matchbox swap, soooo lovely. Thanks so much for scrapbook. Just gorgeous. How clever you are to scrap my pics. Will post some pics when I can catch up. Mine left late, as you know, but should arrive soon, I hope.
Coll :-}

saraeden said...

its me again ... tried your email again but it wouldnt play ball !!
ive put my email address on my blog (profile) if you could email me and then i will be able (hopefully )to email you ...

Sara x

Kate said...

Super Eggplant has a very good tutorial to make a tote bag. You can whip one up very quickly and you'll be so proud (Google will find her)

Angie said...

Hey Joni. . . kinda bummed that I didn't win the draw, but I have felt, thread, and all sorts of buttons. I can make one myself! ; )

Glad to hear about the new machine!! My sewing machine is somewhere in the garage--it hasn't made its way into the new house, yet. [key word: YET]

Have a lovely day!!

de vliegende koe said...

Hi Joni, I love the way you always look on the bright side of life! I would love to see tour 365 in summery colours one day!

Thimbleanna said...

Awww....well, I'm not sorry that I didn't win (is that a double negative) 'cause you picked a great winner! Congratulations to Lucy Locket -- she's a sweetie! And I'm with Kate -- show us your new baby! Is is a Bernina? I'm voting for a Viking!!! ;-) Hey! Another contest -- "Guess What New Machine Yummers Got!!!" LOL

Helen Hancock said...

Great LOs...I especially like the one with all the little swimsuits along the bottom! Best wishes, Helen

Helen Hancock said...

OMGosh Joni! You know Angie...how?

Wanda said...

Congratulations Lucky Lucy!!
So glad you got your sewing machine....great things are about to happen!!!