Thursday, July 12, 2007

So Darn Cute!

My younger daughter Wendy, just moved to Arizona. I wanted to get her a house warming present, even though she's just renting the house.
She found this hooked rug on the internet and loved it. So, today I ordered it for her as a surprise. It is so darn cute... and so perfect for her creative decorating. I looked at it through different eyes. I thought it was so inspiring...
*good color combo to pull together in fabrics
*flip-flops, lemonade, and beach bags to applique on something
*an easy border design to copy
We just need to keep our eyes open and look for inspiration all around us!


Wanda said...

You are so right! It could be a piece of fabric, a card received, a piece of lushous fruit. The smile of a friend, the hug of a child, a kiss from hubby!!! Lets look around and be glad.

Thanks for the words of wisdom Yummers!!

de vliegende koe said...

Yes Joni, you’re so right, that’s what it’s about. Looking around, storing and using it one day in your own way! I’m curious how this rug will inspire you!

inspired said...

Love the sox :o]

Angie said...

Wow...that rug is gorgeous!!!

Where in Arizona? My inlaws live in Sierra Vista - just south of Tucson. . .near the border. Mark's aunt & uncle and cousins' family live in the Phoenix area.

We love AZ. Haven't been back since '99.

I'm still reeling in being freed from the doctor!!! I'm going to enjoy my freedom like never before!

Oh, and it's raining here. I don't think it gets better!!

Helen Hancock said...

What a wonderful gift....I love it! It's so interesting and the colours are great!