Monday, July 2, 2007

My Daughter's Scrapbooking

It always makes me so proud to see my 2 daughter's accomplishments in so many areas.

These are samples of 3 of Wendy's scrapbooks that she had in her car this weekend. I took pictures of them to remind me of several ideas, approaches, and techniques to try. I have a studio and every supply imaginable, but Wendy just scraps on a coffee table while watching a movie with whatever supplies she picked up at the store that day. She's so relaxed with the process. She's never read a scrapbooking magazine or book and always comes up with such delightful creations. She made her own albums just using cardboard cut in squares and usually makes 8x8 albums.
Wendy works quickly... an album in an evening. I like the angled pocket on the right filled with tags with photos and again the brads along the right edge.

Again, a pocket... vertical this time. Continuation of brads on right edge. And such a beach feeling!

One of her Arizona albums with each 2 page spread telling the story of a special event. Her color choice is always so appropriate.

She used pockets in this album also and each photo tag had a simple black bow tied at the top. Brads again on the side (I have to play with that).

In her house in Arizona that she's about to move in, there's a room for an office/scrapbooking area. It will be fun to see what she creates with a special spot for 'creations only'!


Wanda said...

And very well you should be proud of those daughters. Those are lovely scrap books....!

Rhona said...

The scrapbooks are lovely - I'm not surprised you're very proud of her. We all have our own techniques and ways of scrapbooking and I love that about the hobby. No scrapbook is ever wrong, they're all individual!