Monday, July 16, 2007


I have been tagged by Kate from 'Beautiful Things' to share 7 random and/or interesting things about myself. OK... here they are:1. I own more scrapbooking supplies than anyone else I know! You can see a fraction of them in the corner behind me. I have almost every gadget, paper collection, book, magazine, ribbon, and so on and on and on. Since I've been blogging , I've gotten interested in sewing and the scrapping stuff is just sitting there. I didn't feel guilty when I was using it, but now...
2. My daughter Wendy and her fiancee Darin are getting married next Spring. This is my new friend Barb, Darin's mom. She's great and I am very happy to be 'family' with her.

3. I am an 'only child'. So were my parents. I never knew a grandparent as they died before I was born. I loved being an 'only child' and had a wonderful childhood. I spent so much time playing with my dolls, creating things, and reading. I studied ballet for many years, took art lessons beginning in 2nd grade, took figure skating lessons, and had lots of friends. I was never lonesome. But, to this day, I still require a lot of alone time.

4. I LOVE DOUGHNUTS!!! I quit eating them several years ago because of the fat, sugar, etc. At a coffee one Saturday morning, a friend dared me to eat one. I didn't hesitate... inhaled it! But, I haven't had one since.

5. My oldest daughter, Kristin, was born in Germany. I was teaching school there for a year and my husband was drafted into the army. I loved my time over there and had the opportunity to see a great deal of Europe during that time. I've been back several times since. Hope to go again and maybe visit some blog friends along the way.

6. I eat a carton of lime yogurt every single morning. I never get tired of it.

7. I am addicted to Diet Coke. I especially love it from McDonalds. For some reason theirs just tastes the best. My sweet husband always brings one back for me when he's running errands. We also have a small refrigerator just filled with pop.
I don't know how interesting those facts were, but they were 'random'! Now watch out, I get to sneak up on 5 people and 'TAG' them... you!!


Helen Hancock said...

This is so funny......I love it! Great blog! TFS Joni! Great pics...I especially like the one of you eating the donut LOL! Cheers!

Angie said...

Hey Joni---So glad to read these things about you! And, I'm so glad you met my wonderful friend, Helen!!!

When we purchased this new house a couple months ago, one of the biggest perks for me was the refrigerator that they left in the garage.

Even as I type, it is 75% filled with pop - diet for me, non for Mark. The other 25% is hummingbird nectar, and extra gallon of milk, and other things I don't use on a regular basis!!

And, a friend of mine told me that McDonald's Diet Coke tastes best because there's some special water filter that they use. It is the bomb, sistuh!

Kate said...

Hi Joni - I am so enjoying learning about everyone! Lime yoghurt, eh? We don't get that here. Love the colour though! Have a good, good day. xx

BarbO said...

Hi was fun being included on your BLOG!! I'm glad to have you as a new friend, and family, too.

Loved seeing little Joni, and young mom Joni in her Norwegian sweater.

Thimbleanna said...

So, who's that little girl in #5 holding the baby? LOL. Hubby and I were also stationed in Germany way back when -- for us it was before the kiddos though -- we waited until we came home. Can't side with you on McD's diet coke -- ewwww, ick. I'm a diet pepsi out of the can please fan!

.freckled.nest. said...

OH my goodness!! i totally love McDonalds Coke the most too! it DOES taste the best! But i'm hardcore, regular coke. :) i'm Leigh-Ann by the way :)