Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Memories of the 4th of July

In 1976 America celebrated it's 200th birthday.

Our country celebrated!!

Our church had festivities from morning until night. We started with a church service outside on the grass under a tree. There was storytelling in the shade of big trees, & games, balloons, etc. for the kids. A pig roasted all day and there was oodles of food.

I made the girls calico shorts with their names appliqued on the front and matching calico bonnets. I made myself a red print prairie dress. Everyone really put a lot of effort into the preparations for this special day.

I was so glad that I had saved my daughters' outfits when I was working on their scrapbooks. The layouts will help them remember the wonderful time we had that day.

What memories do you have of 1976?


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Wanda said...

How are quite the talented lady! Those outfits are darling and I'll bet you looked great in your red prairie dress!

In case you didn't get the can email me from my profile...and then I will email you back my address!!
Thanks again for the sweeter offer!