Sunday, July 15, 2007

I'm so proud of you!

I'd like you to meet my daughter, Kristin. She lives in Chicago... right downtown in the midst of ALL that Chicago has to offer. She just bought her first home... a condo on Michigan. She has the most beautiful blue eyes, but these photos don't seem to do them justice. They just 'pop' in person.
Kristin is and always has been feminine. When she was little she loved to wear pink. It almost aways stayed clean. She has always loved flowers and treats herself to fresh flowers each week. It's such a Kristin touch! I'll give you a little tour of her home. The photo above was taken in her bedroom. The walls have a fascinating suede paint on them. She's used taupe, white , and pink on the bed. I do have a picture of that, but I've never figured out how to 'add a photo' to a post as they're uploaded in reverse order. Anyone know how to do that?

In her bathroom she has flowers, too. I love the colors she's used. The taupe walls with pink and and ice blue towels. I only know how to decorate with red, yellow, etc. so I really enjoy what she's done with color.

Her kitchen is so cool with it's brick walls and granite counter tops. The ladder goes upstairs to a loft with an office area and guest space. She is a great and healthy cook...would have enjoyed culinary school but got involved in the business world and hasn't had time for anything else. I think it's still a 'dream'. I'll have to ask her to share a recipe with us. Her 'cranberry chicken' is so tasty!

The living room has a vibrant wall in it which I love. More flowers... that Kristin touch. She still isn't completely unpacked as the stacks next to the fireplace indicate. But, if you look in the mirror reflection you can see the exposed pipes and the loft. It has such a unique feeling yet for such high ceilings she has created a cozy, yet contemporary environment.

Her dining room overlooks Michigan and is so bright and cheerful. Fresh flowers again... the story of her life. When she was little she loved a bud vase with one fresh flower in it next to her bed and I was more than happy to oblige.

This is Kristin (on the left) and her friend Julie at Kristin's house warming party. Her blue eyes aren't showing here either. I look at her and think, "I gave birth to this tall, thin, in-shape, smart, beautiful girl? WOW!" She and her sister Wendy, both run marathons and triathlons. They didn't get that from their mother!

This is her balcony overlooking Michigan Ave. The city can get so windy that she has almost lost her geraniums several times. If you look down Michigan to the car lights in the street, that's the 'Magnificent Mile'. When the girls were growing up, we always went to Chicago the day after Thanksgiving to watch the Mayor light the Christmas tree, have a fun weekend of shopping, and eat at favorite restaurants. I never thought one of the girls would live here.
I hope you enjoyed meeting Kristin and getting 'a touch' of Chicago living.

PS Sometime I'll have to share a story or two about how long it takes her to drive 17 miles to work.


Thimbleanna said...

What a cutie! How lucky she is to live in such a fun place -- and how lucky your are to have her!

sarah said...

Your daughter looks so lovely ! nice place too.
Sarah x

Kate said...

What a gorgeous girl! Well done, you! Children are a reflection of their parents, you know!! Love her new pad. I'm actually fearsomely envious! What a view. How delightful and organised! Oh well... I tagged you, she says very quietly. Sorry. Only play if you want. Hugs xx

de vliegende koe said...

Your lovely daughter’s house is really a HOME. I’ll explain in an e-mail how you can cope with the photo upload!

BarbO said...

Hi Joan...we've been in CO and have missed your BLOG for over a week. Lots to catch up on. Of course I love seeing little Wendy (maybe I'll have a little "grand" just like her some day) and the books look interesting, and Kristin's condo looks great. You, Wendy and Kristin all have a flare for decorating, for sure. When I talked to Darin on Saturday they were in the pool, but had been busy decorating their "temporary digs". I asked for photos as they get each room completed. They seem VERY happy!

Angie said...

Wow. . .this makes me so homesick for Chicago! Her decorating style is gorgeous. And, it may be an answer to prayer.

I'm trying to come up with ways to "redo" our two bathrooms here at the new house (after selling the old one, of course) and the soft colors of her bathroom may be JUST what I want to do in the kids' bathroom.

I'm so glad to have met you!!!

Kristin said...

Thanks Mom!! This has been fun to read... a little escape during my lunch. Love you, Kog

melanie said...

what a super cool house!! i wished i'd lived in the city before settling in the burbs - but them's the breaks. not that i'd trade anything for the boys...
hope you enjoyed A Thousand Splendid Suns! the owen will be happy to have a fan. i think he's the type of dude that will enjoy having his wonder years displayed..not so much my other boys. oh well.

Monkee Maker said...

Thanks for your comment, but alas and alack Raymond isn't mine (I know, I'm devastated too!). I'm just the knitted monkey junkie.

He was made by the very talented kittypinkstars and she sells them on her etsy shop. If you go back to that Raymond post there is a link to her, or you can find her fabulous creations on flickr.

ShabbyInTheCity said...

I love her apartment! It is so hip and so quaint at the same time...thanks for sharing your daughter too :)

Helen Hancock said...

WOW Joni! What a beautiful daughter and her beauty is reflected in her living arrangements! You should be ever so proud! And I agree with Kate...all a reflection on you as well Mum! Have a good day!

Baboona said...

beautiful daughter and nice house!!