Thursday, February 28, 2008

I think that Helen Hancock is one of the
best photographers
I know.
Not only is her photography fantastic but
she is the Queen of Word Art.
Her layouts are simple yet powerful.
Helen had a link on her blog for a site about Word Art.
The gal's name is Bethany and she has
great quotes and thoughts to share with you.
I had to give it a try.
The picture I chose is very special to me and to the
girls in the photo. The photo was taken
about 1980 or so. These are 5 friends who were always
together. Now, in 2008... 28 years later,
they are still very good friends
despite distance.
When my daughter Wendy (2nd from left)
gets married in June, one of her showers is going
to be at a roller skating rink... how perfect for this group
with their little roller skates on in the photo.
Ah... memories!

My oldest daughter Kristin is 2nd from the right.
I predict their friendship will last a lifetime.
Have a wonderful weekend!
I can't wait to show you my new bedroom look
on Monday. Time for a change.

P.S. I didn't mention the other girls names as I didn't ask for
their permission.


Anina said...

I love the photo and what you did with it. Helen's blog is inspiring.

Helen Hancock said...

OH Joni...this is fabulous! I am so proud of you. What a wonderful trip down memory lane! Gosh! I could be one of those girls in the photos given the hair cuts! LOL! I would love to see more...thank you!

ps. thank you for your very kind words. You are too sweet

Junie Moon said...

What a joyous photo of the girls celebrating life and friendship. I think you did a wonderful job with this.

Angie said...

Love this so much. I went to that site, too. Lots of neat word art possibilities!!

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Wanda said...

HOW DARLING ~~ Wonderful memories. Thanks for sharing ~~

Wendy said...

You are right about Helen, she is a GREAT photographer and digi scrapper too!! Did you know she also has a sister named Wendy too...Seems to be a lot of us out there...Ekk...I'm her Texan Wendy, lol...Loved your layout and Bethany's wordart is Fantastic!!

Thimbleanna said...

What a cute photo Joni! And an adorable layout. You should blog that picture up for the shower -- how fun!