Monday, March 3, 2008

Getting Ready for Spring
We are so far from Spring in Wisconsin... but I need to
get some Spring in our house as we need to preserve
our sanity. It's been a bad winter!
I'm working on this felt picture (below) to go along with
the new bed linens I ordered.
I'm creating this as I go along but I think it's
almost done. A few more blue flowers...
stitch down the window crossbars...
and maybe a kitty in the window?
I'll share the finished picture tomorrow.
It needs a good steaming, a mat, and a frame.
These are the new bed linens... a photo from the catalog
as mine haven't arrived yet.
Our bed tables are red so this should all tie together
and brighten my favorite room.
Off to finish the window picture.
crawl back in bed for just a bit.
There are school delays as we had a
thunderstorm last night on top of all the snow
and there's lots of ice out there.
Make this a great day!


Anina said...

I love the spring picture. Buttons are such great little things.

Heleen said...

Oh, That is made so lovely! You are a clever and creative girl! I want to have a window like that!

Kate said...

Ooh, Joni. It's lovely! xx

Thimbleanna said...

Oh, Ms. Yummers, that little stichette is adorable! I just love all the little buttons. It will be perfect with your bedding!

syko kajsa said...

Gorgeous! All those beautiful buttons! And it matches the bedlinen perfectly, be sure to take a shot of them together when it arrives!

Angie said...

You guys are having the most insane weather this year. Makes me glad to be a southerner! :)

Kristen said...

you are killing me! Your blog is amazing and I LOVE what you have been working on!

We lived in Poland for 3 1/2 years - I MUST read that book!

I can't wait to see your completed house - love the window box!!

hunnybunny said...

Those colors are so bright and perfect!! Thank you for posting them it's a beautiful thing to look at after our dreary day here.

Wanda said...

Oh you have captured Spring ~~ Love the little felt creation. And your bed linens ~ to die for! I could just dive into that bed!


Jacquie said...

Love the stitchery! So creative and the buttons are so much fun. Enjoy the bedding when it arrives!

Helen Hancock said...

OH JONI!!! Those buttons for flower windows are just DIVINE! I love it! You are sssssssoooooo clever. No wonder you get so much done if you are locked indoors.

corry said...

That's a very pretty window! I love the idea using buttons for flowers!

Annie said...

I;m loving all your little bunny ideas.

Steve & Molly said...

I LOVE those button flowers! So cute!

Nan said...

Here I sit, with the silly grin pasted to my face again, I love the colors, the picture you made to compliment the linens, and the idea of adding a kitty in the window of the picture [yep... you know me and my kitties!!!] Thanks for sharing your cheerful picture and I do look forward to seeing the completed room when your new bedding arrives!

Vintage Amethyst said...

So lovely.
Love Alison x