Tuesday, March 25, 2008

(no connection... well not quite true)
My daughter Kristin called and asked if I'd check out the flower
belts at www.jcrew.com.
"They're $68. each. Can you make one?"
I was at JoAnn's later that day pawing through the silk flowers.
Gerbera Daisies seemed to be the most workable.
So I bought every BRIGHT color.
I could have hot-glued the beads but JCrew advertised
their 'hand-sewn' beads so I followed suit.
I covered the sewing on the back with a circle of orange felt.
Sewed the felt to a grosgrain ribbon and...
Kristin wants to wear one with her jeans.
It will look FUN and stylish
wrapped around her tiny waist.


Kristin celebrated her birthday in Chicago with her South Loop
They had dinner at a new tapas restaurant on Michigan Ave
Mercat a la Planxa.
Kristin thought the food was great... so if you're in
the Chicago area, give it a try.

Jeanette, Deb, Kristin, & Lori

Thanks girls for all the fun you brought to Kristin
on her birthday.

Hugs to everyone!


Baboona said...

Happy B-day Kristin!!!
Joni I loved the idea of the flower!!

RID said...

Hello, glad to meet you, I love your blog, so interesting.Congratulations
Curiosly, the name's restaurant is in catalan (my language) it's funny!!!
We visited Chicago a few years ago, it's a beautiful city!
Saludos desde Barcelona!!!

Thimbleanna said...

What a cute idea Joni! You always have the best projects!

Pat said...

You did a great job on the belt. I love it! You saved Kristin a whole lot of money. She is lucky to have such a talented Mom!

Helen Hancock said...

Happy Birthday Kristen! I happen to love gerbra's and they are just wonderful. They sound like me..."Mum...do you think you could make that"!!! I am at work just now Joni...I shall write an email when I get home later. Big (((HUGS)) to you. Have I said how glad I am you are back blogging :)

Angie said...

Hey there. . . love this. Love the idea of making that belt yourself. Holy cow -- for $68, I could wrap ribbon around MYself! Ha!

Love that picture of the girls, too. Your daughters are both so beautiful.

Yes -- that was our Easter morning pictures, after 2nd service at church. I really like my new dress. It will be one of those things where I'll want to wear it all the time, if I'm not careful! :)

Junie Moon said...

Oh, Joni, what a gorgeous belt and such a wonderful thing for her to wear to celebrate this season of growth. You did a wonderful job!