Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Plan
1. I found a quote that I really love.
2. I wanted to display it.
3. I wanted to create it in a mixed-media format.
4. I love houses and wanted to incorporate them into the product.
5. I wanted to try some new techniques... explore
mixed-media a bit further.
6. It needed a yellow background to go with our new bedding.
The Process
1. I adhered newspaper (the home section) to a stretched
canvas with a gel medium. Coated it under & over.
2. When it was dry I painted it a light yellow with acrylic paint.
I wanted some of the newspaper to show through.
3. I played with letters to form the quote. I changed them
for several days until they felt right.
4. I cut the simple houses and tried them in a variety of positions.
5. When I felt pleased with the arrangement I glued things down.
6. I added embellishments for detail and depth.

The red house is made from a valentine envelope and the roof
is cut from a card from Syko in Finland.

I'm still adding to this weeks later.

The hardest part is knowing when to stop!
Love to all of you sweet people...


Jacquie said...

Joni, This is wonderful. So bright, so creative and on top of that, meaningful words. A joy to look at!

Thimbleanna said...

That's AWESOME Joni!!! I just love all the different elements you incorporated -- especially the envelope -- WAY TOO CLEVER!!! How 'bout little canvases in pink, green and tulips -- personalized maybe for all the girls attending??? ;-) Hurry, tell me what you're going to do so I'll shut up LOL!

Junie Moon said...

That Jane Austen quote is one of my favorites and your rendition is so beautiful. I am so enamored with this project of yours.

Helen Hancock said...

Don't stop! Never stop! Your creativity astounds me! For you do realise that being such a work of art....the joy it will bring is unending. Last night coming home from work Katie says, "where are we going?" I said home. And she - being in her 3yo "why" phase - said , "WHY?". I thought need you ask, however, I said, "cause home is such a wonderful place to be"

Happy Days Grammy J!!!!!!!!!!

nicole said...

This is gorgeous Joni!!
great job with it.

LizzyHouse said...

way cool! I can't wait to see one of your block prints!

This is where we get our ink http://graphicchemical.com/shopdisplayproducts.asp?page=1&sppp=9999

and here


I really don't like the water based stuff, it just doesn't print as well.... I hope this helps!


Angie said...

Oh my goodness!!!! That is just the kind of art I want to put in our sunroom when I get it done! This is great, my friend!!

Wendy said...

This is Fantastic, Great job!! I love it!

Kristen said...

you have to sell your beautiful and amazingly creative art ! this is just an amazing piece!!g