Friday, March 28, 2008

I got the idea for "Flashback Friday" from Nicole at
'These Are the Days'. Stop at her blog and see her flashback.
I'm going to try to...
1. Show you a 'flashback'.
2. Show you a technique for scrapping or card making
that I've had fun with.
This is my daughter Wendy as I remember her laughing
all the time. (Click on the layout to read the note to her).
The technique I want to share is how I created the
two elephants.
I cut out one of the little green elephants from the background
paper & placed it on my scanner. I scanned it twice into a jpg.
format. Then I printed the 2 different sizes onto cardstock,
cut them out, and attached them with pop dots.
This photo of Wendy always makes me laugh too. I love the
goofy antennae on her head. I cut them off in the photo and
replaced them with wire.
The alligator on her layout is the same scanner technique
as the elephants above.
Scrapbooking is all wonderful flashbacks. I've been doing digital
scrapping for the last year and I need to get my hands dirty
with glue and paper again.
Have a wonderful weekend with family and friends.
Love to all you sweet people!


Angie said...

WOW!! These are such fun. I recognize some of the papers from my stash, as well.

That's what I love about sharing our layouts. . . we can see potention with supplies that we all have, and have forgotten about! : )

Nan said...

OH!!!! You're back, and for a whole week already!! I guess I expected a longer break! LOL

I'll just go catch up now! Hugs!

KCQuilter said...

You are so gifted and creative!!! I love those pages. I have tried really hard to resist getting into scrapbooking--it seems almost as expensive as quilting LOL! But you are really tempting me!

Jacquie said...

I haven't scrapbooked for so long. Things have changed...I love what you did here. I have many things saved in boxes that are just waiting for something like this to be done with them.

de vliegende koe said...

Wonderful to see you’re back on track and making lovely stuff!
I gave up on organizing my photo stash. I have about 15 years of photos in boxes. Since the digital era I’ve not printed any...
Have a wonderful weekend!

nicole said...

very cool joni...glad you decided to do flashback friday too!!

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

lovely pages Joni!

Thimbleanna said...

Very nice Joni! I've always wondered about digital scrapbooking -- where do people learn how to DO that???

Wendy said...

What a cute idea and love the layouts you did! Great job!!

Helen Hancock said...

What fun! I can see this being me in the not too distant future. Thanks Joni