Sunday, March 30, 2008

I stumbled across this shop on someone's blog
fell head-over-heels in love with everything!!
(Sorry... I don't remember who's blog it was on)
I wanted to buy everything, but I'm over-my-head already...
so I used self control and just ordered these 3 patterns and some
dyed floss for the "Summer Pillow" (middle).
I also ordered the purse patterns on the left
the pillow pattern on the right
(photo below).
The pillow says,
"From simple things, come simple joys".
It could be made in just about any color combination.
I'll probably use red and white.

This pillow and sheet set is my favorite!
It would look the best in our bedroom. Although I love
all the others too.
When you go to their site... which you must,
you'll find
a sweet treat of eye candy for you!
Many of the patterns... all with photos... are
categorized according to seasons.
I love "Spring" with it's bleeding hearts that bring back
such wonderful childhood memories.

Here is a close-up of the "Summer" pillow that I bought.
I brightened the photo a bit so you wouldn't miss
any of the lovely yet simple embroidery.

Isn't this adorable?? I'd feel so proud giving this as a gift. It's so feminine! The pears have a different flower on each section of the pear. I have the purse patterns and I look forward to making them and giving them my personal touch.

When Fall is approaching, I will be ready with the next two patterns.
I think the acorn is adorable. It would be fun to adjust the pattern
to several sizes to sit in a wooden bowl.
And Ooooooooo... am I in love with this pumpkin.
I'll work on it this summer.
So... three cheers for

Crabapple Hill Studio

and all the possibilities there yummy patterns present to us!!



Pat said...

Oh!I love Crab apple Hill too. I have many of their patterns. I have even made several of them. She is very talented. I like your choice of patterns. Have fun with them!

Helen Hancock said...

What a feast for the eyes...gosh so many beautiful things. Thank you so much for sharing Joni.

Jacquie said...

I'm so glad you shared these. They are all beautiful. It's been added to my bookmarks. When I have cash again....I'm there!

Anina said...

Beautiful! You're going to be so busy!

Angie said...

These are really beautiful. . .and so YOU!!! I can't wait to see what you do!

Junie Moon said...

Ah, Joni, I love Crabapple Hill and have a number of her patterns. I bring out my embroidered pears at the beginning of summer and put them on my mantle and isn't the recipe that accompanies the pattern a delight? I'm so tickled you like this wonderful designer, too.

Wendy said...

Joni thank you for sharing these beautiful items. I sent the link to my Mother. I'm not much of a sewer but she loves to quilt and such...The closest I get to sewing is cross-stitch, lol...I'm glad your back to blogging and love your blog!!

Isabelle said...

Oh, you're back. You might have said! Lovely to see you again.

chq said...

You have the best photos...I to make everything (or let someone else make it, and I'll buy it!)


Cookie Sunshine said...

Joni, Your blog is delicious! I'm so happy to have stopped by and appreciate all of your wonderful posts. Wishing you a very good night and a great week.
Cookie Sunshine

Nan said...

Joni, this post reminded me of all the things I missed about you when you were taking your blog break! Thank you for sharing these treasures, they are beautiful, and inspiring, they bring a feeling of peaceful well being to me in just the photo's you posted! Hugs!!

syko kajsa said...

Great shopping! I'm especially fond of the Summer pillow, great shape and shabby look! Happy stitching!

Thimbleanna said...

Oh, poor, poor Joni -- look what you've done now. You'll never be the same. I love Crabapple Hill too and I have several of their patterns. Notice I said patterns and not finished projects LOL! One of them is that sheet set -- I love the little bird on the pillowcase!