Thursday, April 3, 2008

Love from Junie Moon
June from Junie Moon adds such a lovely touch to everything she
makes and does,
I opened this box from her and I had to share the packing.
It's so Lovely!!
This called for a cup of tea so that I could sit, sip, and savor
every moment of pulling the ends of the checked ribbon open
and unwrapping the heart paper.

I am in awe of her beautiful stitches... each perfect & uniform.
The heart pillows nestled so well on the doll-sized wicker chair.
Here is a close-up to showcase her beautiful stitching.

June sent 3 back issues of Marie Claire idees.
I searched each page and marked the 'lovelies' that inspired
me. So many, many ideas!
My to-do list has been totally revamped.
The fact that it's written in French is not a barrier.
On my list for today... go to and buy a
subscription. I'd hate to miss another issue.
Look at these delicious pillows!!
June also sent a book, A Year in the World, by the
author of Under the Tuscan Sun (which I loved).
I can't wait to dive into this one!
June lives in Southern Arizona where it is hot, hot, hot.
She sent this huge box of HOT candy.
Some people wonder why we blog.
We have the opportunity to make friends all over the world.
And some of those friends become like family.
We know!
They have yet to find out!
Love you June!
Thanks for the surprise!!!


Steve & Molly said...

What a fun package! Yes, what you say is true, those who don't blog just can't understand the sweet friendships we have made with our bloggy friends literally around the world. Love those heart pillows...I might NEED to make some similar ones for my girls for their bedroom! (But, I can assure you that I will NOT be posting a close-up of the stitches! ha ha! But, it's the love that goes into it that counts most, right?!) :) Have a great day! We have been blessed by your friendship!

nicolette said...

OMG those pillows are too cute! What a wonderful package June has made you! Enjoy your gifts!

Angie said...

Such fun!!! Kind of reminds me of a day when a doll appeared on our doorstep! : )

Junie Moon said...

Joni, I'm so tickled you like everything. It truly was an act of loving friendship to do this for you and Boyd. And you're so right about blogging. Even when we have a day (or maybe a week) of feeling a tad "off," a surprise, an email, or a lovely comment on our blog just makes the world a sunnier place again.

LizzieJane said...

Love those pillows, and lucky you to get such a wonderful package.

Helen Hancock said...

What a wonderful surprise!!!!!!! Those adorable cushions! Enjoy my friend.

Wendy said...

You are so right Joni about our blog friends becoming just like family...Loved all the goodies! And I also love to come and read your blog, a bright spot in my day!! Thank you :o)

melanie said...

so nice to get happy mail & beautifully packaged too!

Cookie Sunshine said...

Pretty pillows! They brought back memories of a few years back when I helped a family get their beautiful plantation home ready for a historic homes tour.

I spent two months doing all sorts of decorative painting in the house. I painted rugs. I painted murals. I painted tables and I painted stools. I painted floor cloths, and I painted pictures. I even painted screens with poems translated into french. One of the things that we were most proud of were very expensive pillow shames that were purchased and embellished by me with the words "Bonne" on one "Nuit" on the other. They were so pretty.

On the day of the tour over several hundred people came through the owners house. I arrived a couple of hours into the tour. The lady of the house grabbed me and pulled me aside into the laundry room. I worried thinking something was bad wrong. Instead she laughed and said "we thought we were so clever with those pillows...but I've had quite a time".

I said "what do you mean".

Her reply was "I can't tell you how many times I've been asked...'what is your husbands name?', and when I say 'Richard', they look at me and say

'OH, I thought it was Newt".

Your pillows are wonderful...and, they made me smile.