Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I'm sorry for the sparse postings but I have been using every minute
of each day to get ready for my daughter Wendy's wedding
shower on Saturday, April 12th.
I'm only in charge of the goody bags and banner
but I'm having such fun creating hot pink & green tulip-themed
goodies for the bags.
I'll post photos of everything after the shower.
When I take breaks I often go to Etsy.com to prowl the
many pages of things I love.
The three pillows below were discovered and immediately
purchased from Creative Babies.
They arrived quickly and are adorable.
They'll be tucked together someplace in our house.

Happy creating!!
PS On the day of the shower, the girls are running a half marathon
in the morning,
the shower is at 1:00,
and roller skating after that.
Somewhere in between all this we'll arm ourselves with cameras
and try to take some photos of
Johnny Depp
Christian Bale
who are filming a new movie in our little
town of Oshkosh, Wisconsin.
Isn't that fun!!


Angie said...

I was just going to pop over and leave a comment on the last post to say that I miss you . . and your wonderful posts.

This made my day!!! Can't wait to see pics. Love the new treats that came in the mail. AND JOHNNY DEPP????? Oh my goodness. . . .

trashalou said...

Excited about your movie star visitors and the roller skating and all but very excited that you live in the actual, real town of OshKosh!

Jacquie said...

You're in Oshkosh..how cool. My hubby is a Wausau boy! Have a great shower!

hunnybunny said...

Ooh those pillows are beautiful! And a shower followed by roller skating, but OshKosh and Johnny Depp! I wish I was there.

Cookie Sunshine said...

These are just so adorable. They look like summer. They look so warm. I can feel the warmth all the way from Michigan. The colors are so hot!

I'm glad that I stopped over to check them out.



Steve & Molly said...

Oh, to have the energy to run a half marathon and go roller skating in the same day! Or, maybe I should say to do either one, period! :) Sounds like a fun day! Enjoy the special moments with your daughter!

Helen Hancock said...

Ohhh how bright and wonderful. Have a great day Saturday. I shall be "celebrating - NOT" forty years the next day. We are both in for a big weekend. Let us both take photos and share.

Junie Moon said...

Those houses are adorable, Joni! I know you're busy with all the shower preparations but, my goodness, the day of the event sounds exhausting. Although I fully admit I'd find some quick energy to get me moving if Mr. Depp was in the vicinity.

Thimbleanna said...

Johnny Depp???? How can you sleep LOL???? Wow -- what a fun memory that will be tied to the bridal shower. Maybe a bunch of tulip clad girls could get a pic with Johnny LOL!

Heleen said...

You mean the real mr. Depp!? whauw that's great!
I always love your houses!

artisbliss said...

Very cute houses, and very cute tulips for your daughter's shower. I have 3 boys so I have to do girly things for my nieces. Like your blog very much.

nicolette said...

I think Wendy’s bridal shower will be the best organized ever! And the most fun and the most beautiful. Johnny Depp... please say hello for me to him! I Love the tulips!
Big huggs for you and your girls and I hope you take time to enjoy the day to the fullest and take lots of pictures and tell us all about it!
Have a wonderful day!!!

Sonnja said...

Your pillows are beautiful!
Kind regards

Beertje Zonn

melanie said...

oh my, i'd be running my half marathon self on over to the movie set first :) hope it is a wonderful time!!