Monday, April 21, 2008

I've been slacking with posts and comments... sorry!
Just so darn busy lately... so much going on.
I, Joni Possin, promise to try to do better.
Wendy emailed me some pictures last night and
I had to share them.
They are of her guest room and inspired me
with an idea or two.
I love these little felt birds in a nest that she hung
from the ceiling to go with her new quilt & shams.
What fun these little birds would be to make!
I might have to go shopping for a nest today.
This is the bird quilt that Kristin and I gave her at her wedding
Barb, her mother-in-law-to be gave her the matching quilted
pillow shams.
Wendy bought the bird sheets with a gift card from the shower.
There's a closer pic of them next. Soooo cute!
The picture above the bed is from Kristin and is a sister picture of
the two of them.

Whoops... straighten out the bird picture!
You can see the sheets a little better in this photo.

And this my friends, is my grand-dog WYLIE.
Wendy said that he is so proud of his new float.
It was a great weekend...
1. I won some back issues of Marie Claire Idees on an Ebay auction.
2. I mastered a perfect chain stitch and started a bird pillow.
3. Had a lovely afternoon with Boyd's whole family in Oshkosh
and heard all about Johnny Depp's filming there.
4. Got some miles in on the treadmill.
5. The grass is turning green after our long winter.
6. Started a new mini acrylic scrapbook about 'Shoes'.
7. Bought a cute purse pattern and some great fabric from Fat Quarters.
8. It was warm enough to wear flats without nylons.
Great feeling!!
Make it a GREAT day!!
PS You must read Junie Moon's post today.
It will give you a smile for the rest of the day!!


Junie Moon said...

The little birds in the nest is a clever idea and I love the bed linens. What lovely gifts she received. Your accomplishments are ever so wonderful and Wylie is adorable.

Thank you for the link to my wacky blog post today. It truly was an adventure!

artisbliss said...

That's a darling guest room. I think I recognize the little tulip on the bedside table!

nicolette said...

Love all the birds on the bed linen and the quilt.
Good to read one of your cheerful posts again!
We had 20 C today and yesterday. Wonderful!
Birs are very busy making nests in the bushes! Midas loves to watch them!

Thimbleanna said...

Those birds are adorable. As is the guest room! The acorn doesn't fall far from the tree LOL. Thanks for sharing the inspiration!

Simply Stork said...

so the guest room...very cheery :)


Angie said...

Oh my heavens! I love those birds!!! I may have to make them for my house!!!

Helen Hancock said...

So glad to see when you have blogged is always such eye candy! Thank you! I hope you and Boyd are having a lovely week.

Helen Hancock said...

So glad to see when you have blogged is always such eye candy! Thank you! I hope you and Boyd are having a lovely week.