Thursday, April 17, 2008

"The Shower"
These photos will probably only be of interest to the
people that were at the shower.
But, come in and take a peek if you'd like to.
As so many of you in Blogland are friends and like family.
This was Wendy's FAMILY shower.
It was held at her father & step-mom's house
in Oshgosh (B'gosh).
And NO... we didn't get to see Johnny Depp as
the weather was terrible.
Come in and join the fun.
And here she is... the BRIDE-TO-BE!
All decked out in an Anthropologie outfit.
That does sound like runway commentary! The house was full of pink tulips... Wendy's wedding flower.
Every room had several arrangements.
Soooooooo pretty!
Thanks Marcia!!

Kristin, who will be the maid-of-honor, had just run

a half marathon (13 miles) in the morning.

She looked so spring-like in her new J. Crew outfit.
Love that silk skirt!
White sangria with strawberries and mint was the
This is Marcia, the girls' step-mom.
Wendy was registered at Pottery Barn and she received so many
lovely gifts and gift cards.
Kristin and I gave her this quilt, with adorable appliqued
birds on it, for her guest room.
Barb, her mother-in-law-to-be gave her the matching
pillow shams.
Wendy and best-friend Jennifer (since they were 5).

The cute lady in the pink is Barb, Wendy's mother-in-law-to-be.

This is Allison, my girls' step-sister.
I've known Allison since she was in kindergarten.
She'll always have a special place in my heart.
This is Mary Robyn and Laurel... also my girls' step-sisters.
Yes, they are twins! But Laurel just got bangs cut.
Now, even I can tell them apart.
Aren't they gorgeous!!
After Wendy had opened all of her gifts, then everyone else
got to open their goody bags.
"The South Loop Girls"
Kristin and 3 friends from Chicago who came up to Oshkosh
because of the marathon in the morning.
They came to the shower to have lunch with us.
Thanks guys!! There was lots of fun and laughter and reminiscing.
That cute little gal with the glasses is Allison's daughter.
"Beanie" is in 3rd grade and extremely bright & talented.
I think everyone had a great time.
The party moved to Jennifer's and then a favorite night spot.
Little sleep was had by the younger set.
Did I hear Kristin and Allison had a 'dance-off' in the wee hours??
Love to all!!
Next project...
A bird pillow for Wendy with embroidery on it.
So don't give up on me, there's a creative blog on it's way.


Angie said...

This was lovely. thanks for posting all the pictures. I love it!!!

BarbO said...

Good job taking pictures, Joni!! It was nice, wasn't it. It was a nice way to get acquainted. And the goody bags were WONDERFUL!!

nicolette said...

Thanks for making us part of all the wedding shower fun! It looks all so cozy and wonderful!
Would love to see the quilt in all it’s glory!

artisbliss said...

Looks like everyone had a lovely time. Springtime pre-wedding festivities!

Thimbleanna said...

All that pink and green is so pretty! What adorable girls you have Joni! It looks like everyone had a wonderful time!

Isabelle said...

This looks so lovely and really quite amazing. We don't have wedding showers in the UK (or any kind of showers) and I can't imagine how you have time to do all that and organise a wedding too. Aarrgghh. Goodness. But I can see it must be fun.

Helen Hancock said...

Great pictures...thanks for sharing! Just lovely

Junie Moon said...

What a wonderful shower, Joni! Everything looks gorgeous and I'm so glad that this special time in your daughter's life is full of the love and good wishes of family and friends.

Simply Stork said...

looks like you all had such a great time together. :o)