Tuesday, April 15, 2008

"The Goody Bags"
I promised to share what I put in the wedding shower goody bags
and I'll do that today.
For the people who were at the shower and would like to see some of
the pictures of Wendy's shower itself...
I'll post those tomorrow or the next.
Well, here they are... completed and ready to be opened.Each bag had a pink and green 'tissue holder' in it.
Nicolette sent me one that she'd made from a lovely blue & white
Dutch fabric (I carry it with me all the time).
I carefully opened all of her sewing to make a pattern
and then sewed it back together.

Paper tablets with a magnet on the back.
How lucky was I to find the right colors and even the tulips!!

I made a card for each bag from a store-bought card and
Added a photo of tulips mounted on black cardstock.

Bubble gum and green apple candy sticks from a great
candy store in our little town.
Some were tied with green ribbon.

The tulips that I shared in an earlier post.
The tulips are wood but flat. I glued on a small wooden block on
the back so they would stand.

I saw this on someone's blog (???)
and googled it.
The pink hot chocolate was available in lots of online shops
and from several companies.
It had to be PINK!

Pink Tulip soap!!!
An Etsy find from Hello Crafty.
She was WONDERFUL to work with.
She did a rush order, wrapped them, and even tied them
with this adorable pink and green ribbon.
They smell wonderful and are made with great-for-the-skin
This photographed big but is really a small box with 2 chocolate
meltaways from our local chocolate maker.
They are yummy!!
The goody bags are done, distributed, and now shared with you.
Now I can move on to one of the projects I kept a list of
while working on the above.

Wendy is still here from Arizona, so I'm off and running!!


Angie said...

WOW!! Thsoe goody bags are awesome. I love the tulip soap -- and the tissue holder is gorgeous.

Yes, you HAVE been one busy lady. But, it's great to have you back blogging!!!

Junie Moon said...

Totally fabulous, Joni! Each and every little treat is just wonderful. I'm so happy the shower was a success and am positive that each guest was thrilled with their favor bag.

syko kajsa said...

I've never heard of a wedding shower before, but it seems like a yummy tradition :) That colour combination is so great and springy! I love your houses from the last post. Of course I do.

Thimbleanna said...

They're awesome Joni! Did you have the best time??? All the goodies look wonderful -- I love all the pink and green -- what great colors!

Steve & Molly said...

Wow, you really packed a lot in those little bags! I bet the ladies loved all those special treasures. Great work and so cute!

artisbliss said...

I am IMPRESSED! These are wonderful.

nicolette said...

So much gorgeous stuff Joni! Your tissue-holder looks really adorable. Love the consequent used green and pink colours. You did some great (on-line)shopping!!!
Wedding showers are becoming more and more a Dutch tradition too!

Helen Hancock said...

OH MY...sensational! You have been so busy....these are just fantastic. Happy weekend my friend