Thursday, February 14, 2008

A virtual tour of Valentine's Day decorations at our house...

A new purchase... just couldn't resist.
The icecream table and chair set is very small.
Perfect for displaying items at the end of the hall.

A message for Boyd!

The following pictures are from the guest bathroom.

There are tall, narrow shelves in one corner of the bathroom.
Fun to decorate.
The ceramic ladies are part of a collection.

Here is another ceramic lady, a cupcake picture,
and a pink cookie cutter heart.

A stack of heart stamps, a felt cupcake, and the cupcake
picture that you've seen before.

We're still in the bathroom.
This picture is 3 framed vintage Valentines.

The little red shoes are on a shelf too.
But I already had a pic of them...
so they're shelf-less in this photo.

Our bedroom is my favorite room in the house so the
Valentine tree is in here.
I love to take an afternoon nap or just a rest with a book
on our bed with a cup of tea. And I read every night all curled up under our
down comforter and on our feather bed beneath me.

Make this a great day!


Nan said...

Awww.. this is so precious.

I have to say, I will never think of cupcakes in the same way as I used to, you have made them so sweet and special to me now! I used to only think of them being a convenient way of serving many people at one time, which of course they are, but they can be very special too, and you have opened my eyes to the virtue's of cupcakes as individual tokens of love!! Hugs to you Joni! Happy Valentines day!

Angie said...

What fun!! I feel like I've been there! : )

I hope you two have a beautiful day!

hunnybunny said...

I think my husband may get mad at you soon, because I'm always drooling on the keyboard when I look at your blog. I hope you have a beautiful Valentine's Day!

Junie Moon said...

Everything looks fabulous, Joni! The new little table and chairs are adorable, all of your Valentine creations are just darling, and your bedroom looks like such a beautiful room.

You've taught me the value of napping so I'm trying to take better care of myself by getting a nap now and then. Thank you!

de vliegende koe said...

Happy days are here again my friend! A wonderful day filled with love to your and your family and of course to Gabby cat! Special Hugs from Holland!

Helen Hancock said...

OH Joni...THANK YOU! I guess this is the next best thing to actually visiting. What a wonderful tour! Thank you!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Wanda said...

Thanks for that delightful tour.

I needed that as my house right now for the first time in 27 years, is not decorated with Valentine things, but brown cardboard boxes everywhere!! Empty shelves and hutches ~*~ makes me want to cry... FEB. you will be seeing my little cottage all fixed up in red, pink and white!!!

Love all you are my inspiration girlfriend.

Wendy said...

Thank you Joni absolutely beautiful....I hope you had a lovely day!!

Thimbleanna said...

Your room is beautiful Joni! I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day!

happybunny said...

Your Valentine decorations look really lovely - what a great idea to decorate the house - I have never thought of doing this before. I love the table and chairs and your bedroom looks ideal for snuggling with a good book and a cup of tea.