Wednesday, February 20, 2008

We all respond to reading a book in different ways.
Sometimes we read another book by the same author.
Sometimes we journal about the book.
Sometimes we talk about it with a fellow reader or book group.
I felt the need to do something visual with this nonfiction novel about
WWII in Warsaw, Poland.
A mixed media picture was my response choice as I have been
working with this medium lately.
I created this on a stretched canvas

I wanted you to see this from an angle to share the Polish trim
I bought several years ago at a Folk Faire.

This is the quote from the book that sparked my response.
It describes one of the many people who helped to hide
the Jews and help them to survive.
She hid them in her store, fed them, and got them new
She was one of many, many people who helped others survive,
knowing their own horrible fate if they were discovered aiding them.

This is a close-up of Ewa as I percieved her.
She's standing in front of a map of the ghetto
were the Jews were confined.
I put a smile on her face as she was so kind and positive which
gave others strength.

The two small photos of the doll and the weaving were taken at the
Folk Faire. They are from Poland.

The photo of the houses and shops are from old town in Warsaw.

I found this photo of some of the Jewish community in Warsaw.
It was from a travel brochure.

I plan on hanging this picture above one of our book shelves.
I'm anxious to respond to other books in different
Enjoy what you're reading!
For book ideas go to Mel at Lit Chick.
She reads many, many books and has book
groups going on her blog.
My next book is taking me to India.
Where are you going?
Love you,


hunnybunny said...

That's truly beautiful. My grandmother told me some stories of Poland that her father had told her. I never met him, but my grandmother always kept me interested in that part of my culture. I may print of a picture of this and show her. I am sure she would love it. That sounds like an amazing book. I think I may have to check it out if I ever finish my current pile of books to read.

Thimbleanna said...

Very cool Joni! And what a fun idea. I heard about this book on NPR one day -- it sounds really interesting. I'm currently in Afghanistan with A Thousand Splendid Suns -- it's disturbing, but I'm really enjoying it!

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

What a lovely idea Joni - you put me to shame with all your wonderful creativity!

Junie Moon said...

How awesome, Joni! This is just the sort of project that I love, taking a piece of literature and turning it into a multidimensional work of art. This is yet another example of how we really are twins who were separated at birth (grin).

de vliegende koe said...

Well Joni, I told Junie today she keeps amazing me with her posts! And so do you! I’ve read Junie’s comment on this post, you are twins indeed! You both have this amazing talent to translate a concept idea into such wonderful pieces of art or craft! I love this multidimensional art work.
I’m not the best of readers. The Quilters’ Apprentice (in Dutch) by Jennifer Chiaverini is on my night table. I’ve only managed to read page 1. I always fall asleep when reading...

melanie said...

That is an amazing piece of art. I'm going to put you on my art post this week - so there :)
Thanks as always for your support. I'm in reading an book taking place in NYC right now, but should be finished soon. The last one was Africa, to the US, to Nova Scotia. So I feel very well traveled and a bit tired :)
take care, mel

Wendy said...

Beautiful and thank you for sharing!!

nicole said...

This is gorgeous!!!
So awesome that you were able to turn your inspiration into something to treasure forever!

Helen Hancock said...

Ahhh Joni..what a sensational way to respond to a book. How excellent would this be to do with teenagers in a class! Fantastic idea - truly! Your inspiration and the detail is just mind blowing. I LOVE COMING TO YOUR BLOG! Thanks Grammy J!

Nan said...

Wow! I bet you "rocked" at book report time in school!! You have me intrigued. Thanks for sharing how this book inspired you.

Wendy said...

Just had to tell you our library had the "Zookeepers wife" and I checked it out...Can't wait to read it and thank you for sharing!!

KCQuilter said...

What a beautiful interpretation of literature, Joni! You are such an artist. I will need to look for the book.

syko kajsa said...

Such a beautiful piece of art! With a story! Eva is too cute! I've been to Krakow in Poland a few years ago.

Jennifer Paganelli said...

Love these collages Joni!! I heart you!! all my best, Jennifer

megan said...

i love this collage - it's really beautiful.