Monday, February 18, 2008

I have become addicted to
I have bought things now-and-then, but now it's an
everyday trip.
I don't always buy something, but I get inspired
and admire the work of others.
I found Pippi at The fairies Nest a bit ago. She is only 4.25"
tall and is wired and posable.
She has moved into my dollhouse and is the perfect
size .
Note: the darling clogs on her feet
This morning I visited The Fairies Nest and found this adorable
Mrs. Rabbit. I found her a good home... MINE!
She's built like Pippi (wired & posable) and carries an
adorable wee basket.
Here's a picture of her sitting on a large spool.
She wanted to show off her feminine petticoat to you.
Pippi has a lace petticoat too.

Yesterday was our anniversary, but we were
snowed and iced in.
So we're off to have a special lunch and spend lots & lots
of time at Barnes & Noble.
Books, magazines, lattes and tea, and a treat.
I'm craving their warm pretzels filled with spinach &
feta cheese. Yummy!


Junie Moon said...

What adorable dolls! Such marvelous creations for your dollhouse.

A very happy anniversary to you!

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Happy anniversary for yesterday! I hope you had a fun time out today! Lucy x

Pat said...

Love your new bunny. Happy Anniversary to you and hubby. I hope that you have a great day.

Angie said...

I hope you all had a wonderful anniversary. . .and that today's celebration is warm and that pretzel you described! YUMMMMMMM!

Wanda said...

If I want to escape life for a few minutes and jump into fantasy land, I come to Yummers and get my fill...then I can face life again.

de vliegende koe said...

Happy Anniversary my friend, to you and Boyd! Etsy can be addictive. You have such a great eye for the right objects. The dolls are so gorgeous!! I hope your day today is full of warmth and love!
Hugs from Holland!

melanie said...

happy anniversary!! enjoy b&n, i'm headed there too. we'll have to compare notes tomorrow.

Helen Hancock said...

Oh Joni...I am sitting here sipping water but now drooling...yum oh! Eat some for me will you! Sounds delicious. And Happy Happy Anniversary! I just love your new additions .... the bunny is so cute. And I agree with Wanda...a trip to Yummers is the best escapism round!

hunnybunny said...

Happy anniversary!!! Those dolls are so perfect, yes that's the word perfect. Is there anyway you could tell me where you got your dollhouse, I was hoping to do that as a joint gift for my younger two. I don't want to buy the wrong one. Enjoy Barnes and Noble, it's the perfect date.

Katie said...

That would be The Tramp's idea of a great treat....Barnes & Noble. :-) Happy Anniversary!