Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I curled up with all of the catalogs that have
arrived in the past week. I felt like a 'kid in
a candy store'... well they are EYE CANDY!!
I felt so inspired after browsing the pages and
full of ideas... and an occasional 'must have' to
This quilt is so clean-looking in it's simplicity.
I love the appliqued floral vines.
Look at the wonderful stenciled walls!!
Bunny place mats, table runner, etc.

A bunny and flower Easter basket.

I had to share this quilt with the yummy colors and
the use of rick rack on some of the squares.

From I found these
lovely flowers made from felted wool.
The felted balls can be found at knitting
My felted wool stash has grown to
I have to give these flowers a try today.
An appliqued place mat... cute.
I loooove polka dots... and in spring colors.
A must-have!!!
At I found this
delightful beach quilt.
The individual pillows are inspiring, too! Another Company Store quilt.
It makes me think of Koolade or Popsicles.

This lovely bird's nest filled with candy eggs
would make a lovely spring centerpiece.
This is another item I may order or try to make.
I found this at
These towels are also from Williams Sinoma.
The bunnies are from 1920 postcards.Another Williams Sinoma creation...
bunny and chick baskets. Adorable!!
Easy to make or easy to buy.

I'm going to try making some felted wool flowers
this morning. I'll share the results when
they are finished.

I hope your inspiration was sparked...
I know mine was!

Enjoy and create!!



Anina said...

Thanks for all the wonderful inspiration Catalog Girl!

Steve & Molly said...

Oh, love, love, love the flower and purple/green quilts! Thanks for sharing these cheery pics!

Nan said...

I always come away from your blog with a silly grin glued on my face, you share some really cheerful stuff, how can anyone leave with a frown? Look forward to hearing about how the felted flowers turned out!

Oh, by the way, I have a contest each week for the month of March and it's starting early with a drawing on Saturday the first, come and see what it's about this week and check back each week on Sunday, it will be a different contest each week.

Angie said...

Very fun. I love that bunny placemat idea. May have to attempt a couple of those before Easter gets here!

Thimbleanna said...

You always find the best stuff Joni! Will you be my personal shopper LOL? (And you can start with that darn Mother of the Groom Dress!)

Junie Moon said...

I don't think I can stand all the delicious ideas you shared today. There are days when I just want to chuck everything I own and start over with such brilliant things as you've shared.

melanie said...

good stuff - i'm sure you can make it all :)

de vliegende koe said...

Thanks for sharing so much cheerful and colourful stuff Mrs. Yummers! I love the blue/green quilt!

Helen Hancock said...

Thanks so much for sharing your catalogues Joni - aren't they fabulous! And I agree...the stenciled wall is amazing.

KCQuilter said...

Wow, thanks for the blogful of inspiration!!! You've made me want to jump right into spring! Great photos.

Heleen said...

Tank you for all this new inspiration! I wish we had Pottery barn!

Isabelle said...

Lots of pretty things!

Wanda said...

I am so bummed I can't decorate for Easter...all packed away for the move!
But next year....all out!!

chq said...

You are right, it is eye candy! What beautiful things.

Have a happy weekend!


syko kajsa said...

The bunny placemat is the sweetest! I love polkadots too!