Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I decided to spend more time EXPLORING mixed media
pictures rather than hopping from one project to another.
I need to be the best I can be and that takes lots of
This picture is very small... 4"x4".
It was a challenge to me to work this small.
It needs a coat of gel medium to finish it off.
I took a photo of it on the wall in the dining nook
as the light is the very best there.
This photo was taken on an angle to show the ribbon around
the edge of the picture.
It substitutes for a frame.
"Now in a cottage built of lilacs and laughter
I know the meaning of the words ever-after"
~Polka Dots & Moonbeams
Make this a GREAT day!

I'll share a few more Valentine's Day ideas on my next


Anina said...

Wow, Joni! You are a production machine over there. I love everything you make. Keep going!

Helen Hancock said...

You are simply incredible Joni...and not only in crafty ways ;) I would LOVE to visit your house one day.....what an adventure!

Angie said...

This is adorable. And, for the record, if HELEN comes to your house, I am SO driving up to Wisconsin!! :)

de vliegende koe said...

You have an overflow of ideas my friend! Incredible! I love your little artwork. Your home is your castle indeed!

Thimbleanna said...

Very cute Joni! Apparently there's a party being planned at your house LOL!

hunnybunny said...

That is just amazing. I can not believe how many projects you turn out that look so beatiful. Every project I see you've done reminds me of something I'd see in Country Living and cut out for my inspiration wall.

Junie Moon said...

It's gorgeous, Joni! Is the base material fabric? I love the multidimensional aspect.

happybunny said...

Absolutely beautifully made. You are very talented.