Thursday, January 29, 2009

suspiciously like ordinary life."
- Brian Andreas
That is a great quote to describe scrapbooking...
a moment in ordinary/everyday time.
This is a layout from one of my class assignments.
There's a lot going on because we are learning
from each step we take (22 pages of instructions)
with video support for this layout.
Now that it's completed it tells a bit about routine time
in my life and can go into one of my
Supplies: All from Jessica Sprague's Photoshop Class "Now We're Rocking".
"Comic Books"
This layout was one I did outside of class.
It was so important to me that my girls know about this
memorable tradition that my Dad started when I was 4 years old.
I have such fond memories & feelings of those Saturday nights.
Supplies: Background paper, Kiwi White by Shabby Princess; Ribbon, "Twill Ribbon" by
Shabby Princess; Ribbon Scraps, "Tapes" from Weeds & Wildflowers; Brads, "Brad Bonanza 3"
by P Knox for Designer Digitals; COMIC word, "Vibe Alpha" from Art WHSE.
I remember this photo being taken like it was yesterday.
We were both 10 years old.
Susie lived across the street from me and we played together
most of the time... dolls, paper dolls, dollhouses, etc.
And we could be found up the apple tree or on a raft in
our swamp.
Fun memories!
Supplies: Paper, "Haloween Papers" for Pixels & Ice Cream; Tree, pumpkin, spider and
orange paper mat, "Hootfest" by Heidi Larson from Little Dreamer Designs; Journaling
mat, "Halloween Papers" from Pixels & Ice Cream; Acrylic Frame, "Tom Turkey
Collection" for Raspberry Road Designs; Hanging Spider, "Halloween Brushes Vol 2"
by Michelle Coleman for Little Dreamer Designs.

Make it a great weekend!


Angie said...

Just gorgeous, my friend. Simply and utterly gorgeous!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Very sweet! I used to get Archie comic books when I was sick--my dad would pick them up at the drugstore for me. Sigh.

nicolette said...

Love to read about your sweet memories!!

Isabelle said...

Lovely memories. Have a good weekend too.

Helen said...

WTG are so rocking these digi LOs. I again love your use of white space for the comic one. Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

Love them all. I especially like that notebook paper in the first layout. It looks to me like you are using different papers, etc. than we did when I took that course. Do you think anyone after our generation played with paper dolls? I spent hours and hours with them.