Saturday, January 3, 2009


What a WONDERFUL 2008!!
And I'm determined to make 2009 even better!
Everyone seems to be going to the movies to see 'Marley & Me'.
I CAN NOT handle dog movies...
they make me sob. Not cry... SOB!
So Boyd and I went to see Valkyrie.
We really enjoyed it as he is a WWII buff
and I have a strong interest in all that went on during that war.
It was a very good movie!
Well acted...
great casting...
& wonderful scenery.
It's the story of one of 20 attempts on Hitler's life.
The problem was that we both knew the history so we knew
what was going to happen next.
Although, it was still good.
I'd give it a B+!
When we got home and got the mail...
there it was...
no, not the Golden Ticket,
but the new... hot off the press...
Pottery Barn Kids catalog.
Just look at these wonderful, wonderful things!
I had to share them with those who don't get the catalog.
"Oh the places you'll go!"
3 of my favorite words.
I wonder how Boyd would feel about sleeping on
Dr. Seuss sheets??

Look at the wall art.

Limited prints.

Who wouldn't want to take a nap with him?
And even a bath collection!


My computer has been down for a few days.
Boyd's been working on it and it seems fine now
(knock on wood).
So if you haven't gotten a comment from me
that is the reason.
I can't wait to share with you the project that I am
about to start.
I'll give you some hints...
a bit of fabric
sewing machine
Make this a great year!!


Helen said...

Cat in the Hat is a favourite in this house...aren't they just wonderful!

Anina said...

I love the PB Kids catalog too. In fact I have quite a few inspirational pages from it in a binder.

artisbliss said...

My oldest son is a WWII buff. I don't know if he's seen Valkyrie yet, but I know he will eventually.

You'd better check with hubby before you redecorate!!

Thimbleanna said...

Oh.My.Gosh. I'm SO hoping I'll get that catalog! I think hubbies everywhere should sleep on Cat in the Hat sheets -- how awesome!

We also saw Valkyrie and enjoyed it. My hubby, too, is a history buff and the kids expressed condolences before we went that I would have to listen to hubby correct all the scenes that weren't correct. He was very well behaved though and really enjoyed the movie!

Junie Moon said...

We went to see Valkyrie, too. At the end of the movie, not one person jumped up to leave as normally occurs. Everyone just sat quietly for a few minutes. Very impressive!

The Pottery Barn catalog for kids is adorable and I love the celebration of Dr. Seuss' characters.

Anonymous said...

Good thing there wasn't Pottery Barn for Kids when my kids were little. I would have been broke! I went to see Doubt yesterday, and I can recommend it, too. The acting is fabulous.

Angie said...

I have got to get on their mailing list -- if for no other reason than for ideas and inspiration.

. . . and I *knew* M & Me was going to be a tearjerker when, during the promo, you hear Owen Wilson say, "A dog changes a family's life, that's for sure. . ."

Yeah, won't be going to see that one...

jacquie said...

i want to live in this room. do you think my hubby would be up for it?