Saturday, January 10, 2009


Quess what I'm thinking about... alot!
It is one of my favorite 'special days' of the year.
I don't want presents...
just red, pink, & white paper,
ribbon, scissors, and glue.
Well... maybe a few more supplies.
Yesterday I volunteered in Chris's 1st grade classroom
and then Boyd picked me up and we headed down
to Oshkosh (an hour South) to a favorite florist in quest of
branches for a Valentine tree.
They have unusual gifts.
I found these huge lollipops that I had to have.
(50% off)
I could see them in a vase in the center of our table...
and that's just where they are at this moment.
The arrangement needs a bit of tweaking...
red glass pebbles in the class vase,

And the shop did have the branches I had in mind.
(Also... 50% off))
They're much prettier than in the photo as they
have lots of 'BLING' to them
I hung the heart on the branch for the fun of it,
but I do imagine I will hang something from
the branches
(not sharing yet).

I have really become inspired by the TILDA books.
The best prices are on and under
'Used books'.
I buy most of my books that way and haven't gotten
stung yet!

I bought the linen yesterday to make some snowmen.
($14.99 reduced to 5.99 a yard at JoAnns)
Not that I'm lacking for snowman already...
but these are so darn cute...
and easy to make!
I bought some Bamboo Fiber for stuffing the snowmen.
It has a soft & silky texture.
I'll show you the finished products when I'm done.

Meet Tiffany.
I took this photo in Arizona on Thanksgiving Day.
Wendy and Darin had invited some of their friends
for dinner with the family.
Someone even brought a foster dog
they were caring for.
That doggie, MATTIE, won everyone's heart that day.
several weeks later Tiffany and Tim went to the Welfare League
and adopted Mattie.
Mattie is now the big dog sister to their cats
Lucy and Scout.
Thanks Tiff and Tim for giving a home to another
of God's homeless creatures.
I have been a very poor 'comment leaver' on blogs
lately. I'm reading... just haven't commented.
I'm "lurking' as they say in blogland.
I'm over my head in Photoshop lessons.
I'm spending 'hours' each day trying to put together
all this info in my head and practice
applying it.
Which has involved reorganizing all my folders & files
and moving all to an external hard drive as I
filled up the hard drive on my laptop.
But I've learned a lot about my computer
and about Photoshop.
Please bear with me...
I have more to go!


Thimbleanna said...

I envy your photoshop class Joni -- that's what I need to do!

Lovie said...

i wondered where you were!I've missed your comments on my blog.

nicolette said...

I love the way you celebrate life and always show the most wonderful finds!
Good luck with the Photoshop Class!

Angie said...

Don't sweat it, Joni. It's just good to see you on your blog. :)

peata said...

hey ya.
they were cosmo cricket 'dutch girl'
one 12x12 sheet with 6 double sided tags. 3"x6"
mini album blog

Rhona said...

Good luck with the Photoshop Class Joni. Which one are you doing? I can do the basics in Elements but haven't mastered layers etc so I should probably do a class too!

Junie Moon said...

Oh, everything looks so fun. I look forward to see those adorable snowmen with your new linen.

hunnybunny said...

I love the branches, to be honest I have a "thing" for them in general but your's are extra fab. I'm glad you've been having fun.

Julie said...

Love the lollipops Joni. I too am a lurker but I'll try to leave comments more. Take care!

jacquie said...

those lolipops are to die for!! i envy your photoshop class too...i sure would like to get photoshop and learn.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I adore that red heart on the silver branch.

Heather said...

Very cute, love those lollipops. Love the snowmen too. very cute. I decorate with snowman for cmas I might have to locate that book. too cute.