Sunday, January 25, 2009

More Layouts and Stories

I'm getting hooked on digital scrapping!
It's so clean and neat and organized... although
I know I will always have to play with my glue, scissors,
and stacks of paper.
I'm basically a tactile person.
My ornament hunt this year was for Scandinavian
Wendy and I stumbled across these cute little children...
or are they tomtes?...
when we were shopping in Scottsdale AZ.
You can click on photos to enlarge.
Supplies: Paper, Kiwi White from Shabby Princess; Tree border & Tag, Scandinavian
Christmas Journaling Delights; Ribbon & Bow, "Christmas Day Collection" for
Raspberry Road Designs
Yes... I had years of ballet, toe, and modern dance...
all the way through college.
This was my first year on pointe and I had a solo
dressed like a rabbit... wouldn't you know.
The day of the first show, a huge German Shepherd dog
bit me in the thigh and I sported a lovely gauze
bandage that matched the white tulle of my costume.
Thanks to Helen Hancock for sharing the cute ballerinas
on my layout. Helen has been my INSPIRATION to
start digital scrapping. Stop by her site.
Supplies: Pink Paper by Barton from "Love Me Do"; Ballerinas, by Amy Sumrall from
"Little Ballerinas" pack; Frame, "Doodly Pattern Frames #1" from Weeds and
Yes... I do knit!
I'm just consumed with other things at the moment.
I knit a ski sweater in College with lots of
Supplies: Papers, frame, heart flower, yellow heart, all by Erica Hite for Scrapgirls;
green checked bow, "Holiday Magic" for Shabby Princess.
I had such a happy childhood!
I tried very hard to make my girl's childhood years just as
Supplies: All supplies from "Make a Wish Collection" by Erica Hite for Scrap Girls.

Make this a great week!


Thimbleanna said...

Joni, you MUST get back to your knitting -- I LOVE that hat!!!

Amy said...

What courses did you take to learn how to do that? Those are amazing! I love your blog.

Helen said...

oh Joni..these are all so fabulous...loved looking at them all. I think the first though with the use of the new red ornaments on the white space is a fave. Keep up the good work.

Junie Moon said...

What fantastic scrapbook pages, each and every one has such a delightful story and the way you present them is wonderful.

Angie said...

These are phenomenal, my friend. You are doing such a wonderful job. . .but please, don't abandon the glue & stickers & scissors! :)

Lovie said...

Love your layouts and reading the little stories on each one.

BarbO said...

Loved looking at your new pages, Joni!! I have a favorite - COMFORT posted on the 21st! But all are so much fun to see! Hope all's well in your world!

sassy studio said...

You are a knitting queen! I seriously just bought myself a book on how to knit at Micheals a few days ago! I want to knit animal hats for the Sprout someday! The layouts look it all photo shop or do you use sights too?

Anonymous said...

You are really on a roll. I love these layouts. That hat is awesome. I never got past scarves with my knitting, although I have half of an afghan done that was supposed to be for my niece who is now 27 years old! I don't seem to have any creative mojo this week. I've been purging and cleaning which is always my way to deal with lethargy. You've already done way more digital work than I have--you'll be the go-to person now! I'm loving the stories and need to get busy telling the stories of my childhood, too. You're an inspiration.