Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Well... here she is... Ms Susie Snowperson!
She's still sitting on my work table.
I'm not happy with her.
I rarely am happy with things I make.
I guess it's because I know every mistake regardless of
how small it might be.
There are exceptions to that idiosyncrasy...
I'm usually happy with my scrapbooking
and my decorating.
I may attempt another snowperson
or maybe not.
Right now I think I'll make some stuffed hearts a la the
Tilda books.
My branches have had assorted colored hearts
added along with paper snowflakes...
difficult to see against the light-colored wall.
Try clicking on it.

I'm reading a really good piece of non-fiction right now
(see: side bar)
But I bought a bunch of 'cozy' mysteries on Amazon's
buy 3 get 4th free offer.
I've already shared the Candy Cane Murder book that I threw
in my cart at Target one night.
I'm a really top-notch thrower!!
That I do well!
It was such fun bedtime reading that I got hooked on a new
genre of bedtime books.
They're silly, laugh out loud books, but they do keep
you wondering... "Who did it?"
And it's not the butler as there's NO butler in these books,
just goofy women doing goofy things.
I'm currently reading
The PMS Murder.

I have a subscription to Creating Keepsakes...
my favorite of the scrapbooking mags.
There's a good article in the new issue...
"Scrapbookers Making a Difference".
5 women use their talents to brighten other's lives
Here is an article from Creating Keepsakes online...

Get Involved in a Good Cause
Kim Blackinton

Do you have a favorite charity or a cause you are passionate about? Have you wanted to get involved in a good cause but don’t know where to start? Here are some websites to help you get started. To see more examples of Creating Keepsakes readers who give back to the community through scrapbooking, see the “Scrapbookers Making a Difference” article in the February 2009 issue.
* Look up a charity to see the facts about it before giving at CharityNavigator.org.
* Already shopping online? Let part of the proceeds go to your favorite charity through iGive.com.
* Search the Internet and help your cause at the same time with GoodSearch.com.
* Provide support for those going through chemotherapy—Chemo Angels will match you to an anonymous patient with whom you can send cards of support.
* Help make cards for our military troops—find details at CardsForHeroes.org.
* Get involved in charitable crops for a cause through Scrapbook Royalty.

Food for thought!


Angie said...

I love these ideas of using what we love to make a difference.

I, too, have ideas about snow people, but I'm trying to finish projects before starting new ones.


Lovie said...

I love your snowlady! Hmm...maybe if you are not happy with her, you should do a give away so that she can go to someone who would be really happy with her?

Junie Moon said...

Ms. Susie Snowperson is beautiful, Joni! Have you ever seen a truly perfect snowperson in real life? I think not as each one has their own character and personality that perfection would somehow mar. You've done a fine job with your snowperson project.

What fun books you've got to read. Reading is one of my absolute favorite things to do in the world and I always appreciate learning about new titles.

Thank you for listing the charitable projects, gives me more ideas of ways to help in the world.

nicolette said...

I love Mrs Susie Snowperson! Snowpersons, especially ladies, vary as much as real ladies, so there is no special shape they need to have!

Thimbleanna said...

What's wrong with Susie? I think she's adorable!

sassy studio said...

She is sweet enough tot melt any heart Joni!
You sew? Wow!
Thanks for the thumbs up on liking the new header...you must share how you do yours! I am just learning about digital scrap booking, do you know any good sites to start with? I use smilebox but it just lets you drop pics add a little text. We are off to Vegas in 7 hours, our plane leaves at 6am ish and McDreamy just went in to do a late surgery. I'll have to let him sleep on the plane so he has energy to shop, we don't really gamble but boy can we shop!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I adore that snowlady! But the glittery hearts--so lovely!
Amen to checking out your charity before you donate-I've been "surprised" more than once.

jacquie said...

thanks so much for all these charity links. how is it that you know what i need. i have to figure out the best places to donate all the quilts we'll be making through project improv...i've got to do some research. congrats on the photoshopping too! i'm so thrilled for you.

Heather said...

I love that snow-woman. She is so cute.