Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

You know how much I love Eloise
well, yesterday I felt like her...
- I was frustrated!
-I stamped my feet!
-I tied my cats tail in a knot!
-I ordered "Room service, please!"
-I said everything at least 3 times!
And to top that off...
My computer said to me in a sweet little message,
No kidding... that was the way my day went.
Sooooooo... all my digital scrap materials and my class
materials were moved to my external hard drive
and it took hours, hours, hours.
Today life looked better and I was able to finish my layout
I did get a bit carried away with my new Valentine brushes
and stamped a bit too much on the photo.
But it was such fun.
Now I'm only 2 layouts behind.
I must admit that I am really learning a lot and am
becoming so much more familiar and comfortable with
I wish I had more to share with you.
Kristin left to go skiing in Colorado
Wendy has been in DC at the inauguration
parties, and a ball.
Tomorrow I need to go to school to assess some children's
reading so I'd better start using my time at home better.


Thimbleanna said...

Looks like you're having a good time Joni -- I love all of your new layouts. How did you learn how to do this? Books??? Are there online tutorials anywhere???

kikimama said...

It's turned out great, glad your computer's speaking to you again:).
Think I should be braver with brushes, I just touched the edge of the LO with mine then lowered the opacity 'cos I thought it looked too bright!

sassy studio said...

You DO sound like Eloise! The layouts are fab! A Ball? Serious stuff! I hope you will be able to share her pics!

Helen said...

Fabulous work on the LOs Joni...I am so proud of you....they are fantastic. Keep up the good work. Glad you have a back up now on external hard drive...would hate to lose it all.

Junie Moon said...

Sometimes we have to make mistakes in order to learn, although some days are more challenging than others. There's no fire burning anywhere so just take your time.

My laptop is misbehaving rather badly. I'm having to put all my stuff on an external hard drive, too, and then am going to ship off the laptop on Monday to be rebuilt. Aaarggh! I'm going to use my husband's computer for reading/posting blogs next week and, hopefully, getting my email.