Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Part #2 of POST below

This is the end of the post below that disappeared
right before my eyes.
But these are sooooo beautiful and I wanted to share them
with all of you beautiful people...
so I approached the problem the only way I knew how...
a second post.
These remind me of Junie Moon who has a glass-blowing
'get together' every year and creates lovely ornaments.
That's all for today.
If you didn't read Part #1...
it's right below this post.

Sleep well my friends!
We're eating dinner in front of the fireplace and
watching a DVD.



Angie said...

sounds like a wonderful way to complete the evening -- dinner and a movie!


Helen said...

wow...wonderful photos...I can see why Kirsten loves them.

So what was the movie like?

sassy studio said...

Great picture! I love those glass balls too. I do a little glass fusion myself. I treated Yoda to a glass-blowing class before I could tell him about the Sprout- it was HOT HOT HOT but really fun too. I made a pomegranate that fits in your palm. Enjoy your night!
PS - I just started my 1st online course to get my feet wet! Exceptional Learners and Classroom Implications 414.3 here I come!

nicolette said...

Love the new blog-header Joni!!

The glass balls are fantabulous!!

Rhona said...

Love the completed album, I really want to try and do one next year. I think I get too overwhelmed when I look at other people's projects and then don't end up doing one. As for the Starbucks, do you get the Dark Cherry Mocha over there? It's delicious - my Mum and I would go to Starbucks after doing our weekly grocery shops and have one. I'll miss them when they finish.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Those colors are truly breathtaking. How awesome! How are you enjoying Pope Joan? My book club read it a year or so ago and I learned much about that period of time that had been pretty mysterious to me.

Junie Moon said...

What an awesome display, I love glass art pieces and the whole photo. Dale Chihuly was the speaker when I received my master's degree. What a special treat!

Anonymous said...

Joni, the paper you were wondering about (snowmen) is from Adorn It. I think it is a year or two old.

Wendy said...

Hi mom,

Darin, Tiff and I are just admiring your blog today! Have a good day and PS - Im sending you a neti pot and salt today - it is going to change your life!

chq said...

Just popping by to say hello, to see how you are doing, and to say "wow", what an incredible photo. So beautiful.

It looks like you are super busy!

Take care,