Monday, February 2, 2009

Chugging Along on Overload...

Our cat Gabby is such a character and we cater to her
Also known as "enabling".
Love her to pieces!!
Supplies: Paper, P-Pink dark (designer unknown); Word Art, "Cats' Elegant Word Art
by Bethany; Flower, "Lovely Valentine" by Scrappindoves Designs; Leaves, "Green
felt Leaf" by K Hart; Border, "Border-it" Life 365 for Weeds & Wildflowers; Brushes,
b silva floral.
In our Wisconsin cold and snow there is nothing like something
cooking that smells good and will warm your insides.
Boyd is such a great cook...
sometimes fancy,
sometimes plain...
but always healthy and tasty!
Supplies: Paper,"Pumpkin Pie" by Misty Mareda Designs from Little Dreamer Designs;
Tabs, "Dinner Party" by s carling; White Paper, "Kiwi" from Shabby Princess (reduced
to 55% opacity); ZigZag Stitched Frame, "Stitching rectangle, Word Art, O Scraps, Taylor
Yup... the old Annual Physical.
I needed a reward for going so I bought myself these pink roses.
Also stopped at Bath & Body for some more CO Bigelow
lip cream... lemon cream this time.
Sassy... you got me hooked!!
Supplies: Paper, "Happy Love Kit" by Jackie Eckles; Frame, (frame4) & "Heart Branches"
(Branch 1), & Word Art (adore)"Kiss Me Sweetheart" by Ellie Lash; "i" font, "cheri".
Yes, I am a cinnamon sugar toast addict!
Always have been!!
Yummy with a cup of tea.
I picked up a new Cinnamon Sugar shaker recently
and thought it's time to document this love
for "my story"
Supplies: Paper: Blue & White dot, Cafe J "Love Bug Add-On"; Striped paper,"Family Ties"
for Scrapgirls; Frame, "Christmas Day" from Raspberry Road; Red Letters, Alpha lower
case "All in One"; Cherries, Sally Ann for Raspberry Road Designs;Mat with X Stitch,
Erica Hite's "Family Days" from Family Ties.


I've been having lots of computer problems lately so I havent
been very active in the blog-reading department.
But... I'll catch up!!
When my computer works I head right over to my Photoshop
class assignments.
I've been tagged by Helen Hancock.
Thanks Helen!
I'll get to it this week... promise!


KCQuilter said...

Your cinnamon sugar lady is ADORABLE! Where on earth did you find such a precious piece?

Thimbleanna said...

Boy, you're been busy Joni -- it would take me a week just to do one of those layouts! I love that you get a little treat after the annual -- I'm thinking I may have to adopt that practice!

Nan said...

So creative as usual. Love it all.

nicolette said...

So many wonderful traditions! Cinnamon toast.. sounds delicious!

You’re right about cats.. they often have anattitude, but I love them for that!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Oh I do love cinnamon sugar--that is the cutest page.

By any chance do you know where to order a personalized stamp? I'd like to get one for my friend who makes cards.

sassy studio said...

Love the new pages...I am a cat fan too. My fav quote is Dogs have owners, cats have slaves!
Where so you print out your pages? Expensive? I am trying a dig scrapbooking site but am not sure what can do with the pages!

Rhona said...

Great pages Joni. I love the quote on your cat page - so true! We have two cats (and two dogs) and I love their independence and attitude. Also love the Cinnamon Sugar lady - yum!!

melanie said...

i could eat that whole loaf :)

hunnybunny said...

Those pages are wonderful! Where are you taking your class? Once I get my computer back I want to sign up too! Where on earth did you find the cinnamon sugar lady? My family NEEDS one.

Anonymous said...

Your productivity is amazing! I can't seem to get out of my slump although I've been making a lot of valentines and cards. I loved cinnamon toast as a kid, but haven't had it in years. Love that journaling that goes around the edge of the layout!

Helen said...

Beautiful work Joni...have a super weekend.