Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Gift

But I do love the artist... my daughter Kristin!!
(Please read on)
Kristin was trying to think of a house warming gift for a good friend.
(Hi Chad! I know you read my blog.)
So Kristin painted a canvas with this happy little house scene. Of course she built it up to him that she had been working very diligently on something very special for his new house.
She gift wrapped it and carried it on the plane with her.
I would have loved to have been a little mouse and seen the expression on his face when he could feel the canvas stretchers through the wrapping paper and ripped it open to discover Kristin's completed project.
What do you say to a good friend who has been working so hard on a present for you??
He was gracious... but stunned.
Hellooooooo... it's a joke, Chad!! Look at the back of the picture!
On the back she had attached an envelope with a gift certificate for a piece of art of his choosing.
Kristin always says that she didn't get any of the creative genes in our family... but, I think that gift was very creative, clever, and FUN!!
I love you, Kristin! Way to go!


Tracy said...

Sooo sweet, and oh, so charming--a sure keeper that is! Happy Day ((HUGS))

corry said...

What an original gift...and so funny too!

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

What a fun idea - he won't forget that present! Lucy x

Kate said...

I think it's brilliant! I hope he keeps his 'original' though! xx

de vliegende koe said...

She sure is clever, creative and has a great sense of humour. From whom did she inherit thse wonderful characteristics....?

Junie Moon said...

I think Kristin's gift of the painting is adorable as well as her clever little surprise on the back.

Angie said...

Hee hee. . . what a sense of humor!!!

Happy H-Day!

Isabelle said...

Hello - I've not had time to read blogs since we were away and am now trying to catch up. What a lot you've been writing and doing! I'm still amazed at your whirls of activity.

Why do you think I'm prim???

When I was young, people often used to call me "demure", which kept surprising me, so probably the elderly equivalent of this is indeed "prim". But I don't really think I am!

Thimbleanna said...

Hahaha! That's SO funny! That awkward moment when one must be gracious. Great job Kristin!

Wanda said...

Oh the creative genes that run in your family...! :) That's a great idea and way to give a lasting gift.

Helen Hancock said...

That is so funny....just remind her that creativity comes in many forms! Well done!

Chad said...

Ms. Possin- You caught me red handed... I am an avid fan of the blog. No matter what kind of day Im having I can take 5 min, check out the blog and I smile. I think its the colors, or the pictures of Krisitn when she was little :-)

The beautiful work of art that Kristin gave me as a house warming gift is in a safe place... it is a keeper. To say I was stunned would be an understatement... No matter my initial reaction her sentiment was not missed. Kristin's inner artist is just waiting to come out, and I hope I get to see much more of it.

Take Care for now... Until next time.

PS- I love Diet Coke too, espeically from McDonald's. They put in the perfect amount of ice.

Lovie said...

Very funny! And I think creative too!
Thanks for leaving such a nice comment over at Inspireco regarding My Muu-Muus. I am the maker and I can tell you that they have a loose fit. My rear is not small and I can wear the large.

Angie said...

By the way. .. .do tell when you have some "nuggets of truth" you can share about free motion machine quilting.

For now, I'm still doing the straight-line thing. In fact, today, I'm carving out at least an hour or two for nothing but quilting! : )

Angie said...

. . .well, it didn't happen. But, I got a few other "crafty" things done. (sigh)

I probably spoke too sharply against H-day. I was tired. I spent about 90% of two straight days decorating a room.


Nan said...

awww... so cute! I love it!