Thursday, October 18, 2007

What do you think??

The PotteryBarn Christmas catalog arrived a few days ago and I gasped when I saw this fabric. It's called something like 'Sleepy Swedish Village' or something close to that. I love, love, love it!!! And I've been looking for a holiday (Thanksgiving thru Christmas & Winter) duvet cover and shams. Below the photos I'll list the reasons I should buy it... it's the negative list where I need your very creative input.
The reasons I should buy this:
1. I LOVE IT! (reason enough)
2. The colors are perfect for the holidays.
3. It will look great with our red bed tables.
4. I love anything Scandinavian.
5. I have a red/white check Ralph Lauren comforter that would look good folded at the foot of the bed.
6. All of my bedroom accents are red or black.
The one reason I shouldn't buy this:
1. We have light blue carpet in the bedroom.
(It's worked OK with the Kath Kidston look I have now)
Your input would be very appreciated!
Love to you all...
PS Boyd announced this morning that he will be doing 'some serious lounging today'.


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

The answer is obvious Joni - Change the carpet!!!!!!!! If only life were that easy! Lucy x

Anina said...

My input:
Get that! It will work all year long.
Replace the carpet.

Junie Moon said...

I also vote for the carpet change. In lieu of that endeavor, buy a couple of throw rugs to toss on top of the old carpet. Whatever you decide, the bed linens are awesome.

de vliegende koe said...

Change the carpet Joni! With red and black accents you could choose one of the lightest colours from the Swedish Village for the carpet! It will look great!

Anne said...

With such a gorgeous bed to focus on, no one with notice the light blue carpet. Ummm - think of it as an upside down world - blue sky on the bottom and beautiful green and red in the sky. The blue carpet is an "accent" color.
Just don't look at the carpet. I have a similar issue in my house with a dirty rose color carpet. It is in every room, on the open staircase, and on both stories. I try to decorate 'with' it but in 2 rooms I just have to ignore it.
I say to get the bedding. As you pointed out, your loving it is reason enough! Focus on the positive and enjoy your new linens! Better hurry and get them so they won't be out of the pieces you want.

Anonymous said...

Area rugs come to mind.

Angie said...

tee hee. . .I love the "buy it" suggestions. I'm behaving, and saying that I'll support you no matter what you decide.

(you're welcome, Boyd!)

Edison's home - lounging - too. Whew! Long day--but I'm glad we're on this side of things!

Thimbleanna said...

No -- don't change the carpet! Red and blue go very well together -- I've seen it all over blogland! Now really, you wanted some reasons why NOT to get the duvet:
1)It looks like a forest, you might attract deer (which would be good, but deer make deer poop.)
2)The cost of that duvet could buy a lot of fabric.
3)If you eat cupcakes in bed you might get yummy buttercream frosting all over the duvet.
4)It might not snow in December.
5)If you don't drain your outside hoses, your pipes might freeze.

Hey. You didn't say they had to make sense. I think you should get it, I'm just trying to honor your request!

Tracy said...

That is a big WOW--what great fabric the cover & shams are made of! Very fun & festive...And since you'll likely only use it during the holidays, that blue carpet won't matter too much. Or to get more mileage out of the set--change the carpet--LOL! But as Angie say, we support you no matter what. Let us know what you decide on...Happy Day ((HUGS))

Helen Hancock said...

OMGosh this is truly beautiful. Buy it! Enjoy it! I am sure it will make Boyd feel better (good luck with the cast tomorrow - I shall be thinking of you) (((hugs))) Helen

Kate said...

I'm struggling seriously badly here Joni. I am LOVING the bedding and I was yelling Buy Buy Buy all the way down your post until I got to the blue carpet. It doesn't even look to me like you would need to only use it at Christmas, either (but I wear varifocals so may have missed something). Here's my problem. I'm a Cath Kidston kinda girl. I am finding it hard to suggest she be deposed. It's like having a split personality. Oh, the mental pain.... Get the bedding, get a rug. :-) xx

melanie said...

i love those too - i'm not the best person to ask. i'm quite the enabler. i say buy them. :)
it'd look cute in your dollhouse too.