Monday, October 22, 2007

Halloween packages

I was just putting Halloween goodies in boxes for my daughters and I took a quick photo so I could get a post on my blog before the day ended. I need to take everything out and put in the tissue paper... but my blog is coming first today as I can't mail these until tomorrow anyway.

I couldn't find a Halloween box so just opted for something cute that looks like a suitcase. There is a touch of orange in the box design (I go nuts about details). Each box includes 2 Halloween pillowcases, 7 (what an odd number) Halloween appliqued wash cloths, a package of 'Monster Mash' Jelly Bellies, a bag of cinnamon potpourri, and 2 Halloween Pez candy dispensers. They're off to Arizona and Chicago tomorrow.

I had an MRI on my lower back this afternoon. I've had back pain and spasms for years. My doctor ordered x-rays last week which showed something odd... like an old fracture that healed wrong. "Were you ever in a car accident, take a bad fall, etc?" Yes to all of them! It's amazing what a 'klutz' I am after taking ballet for almost 15 years. I'll get the results next week.

This morning I zoomed off to JoAnn's to their pattern sale... 99 cents each!! I went on line last night and looked at patterns and wrote down numbers so that I could just charge on over to the drawers and pull them out. You could only buy 10 at one time... so I did. June of Junie Moon got me inspired to make some hot-weather skirts and tops to wear in Arizona next month. She shared some pattern numbers and I was able to get all of her suggestions. Thanks June!! I haven't made anything for myself in years. So, I'm going the muslin route first and playing Project Runway (which by the way, season 4 begins in a few weeks... love that show!!)

Off to rest my back before dinner. Tonight we're starting a Peter Whimsey movie series.
Love, love, love BBC series!


Junie Moon said...

I love your Halloween goodies package--she's going to have so much fun with it.

How great that you were able to get all the patterns you wanted. I do the same thing during sale time, I research it online first, make my list, and then quick collect what I want at the store.

little dresses said...

Hey hun! I have missed chatting with you! I have been busy with my sweet babies, they are up to 4 lbs each now. I have loved catching up on your blog, the pillowcases are adorable -so my style!

Wanda said...

What darling little boxes for your daughters. I still give my adult daughters little gifts like this. In fact I did so last weekend when I was in LA.
They never outgrow loving gifts from mom!!

Nan said...

Your goodie boxes will be a hit for sure, you have very lucky daughters indeed, do you want to adopt a full grown one? LOL, I want a goodie box too!!!
But seriously, I love the idea of researching the patterns on line before you hit Joannes, I'll have to do that next time too!

de vliegende koe said...

I once was a ballet-girl too! I hope your back will be fine. The Halloween package for your daughters look amazing! Good luck with the clothes-making!

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

I love Lord Peter Wimsey - we don't get the re-runs of the series over here though : (
Lucy x

Angie said...

Mark is a HUGE fan of the Lord Peter Wimsey books. Seriously, he and his Mom have read nearly all of them.

I was too impatient -- I went to comment before the picture of the goodie boxes showed up. I need to go back and see them now!

Hope your back is feeling better soon!!!!!

Rhona said...

You are so good at doing details, I love seeing what you're up to next. Hope the doctors find out what's wrong with your back! Take care and rest up.

Helen Hancock said...

You are such a wonderful Mum, Joni! What super packages. Now how are you? I read at Angie's that you are not so good lately. You take care of yourself. I didn't know you did ballet! Big hugs to you my friend....go see the video I posted about cold hands - that will make you laugh...but not too loud you hear....don't want to pull a back muscle!